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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Eb, Mar 31, 2000.

  1. Eb

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    I had a car reposessed in January. I want to know what can happen now. Do they have to get a Court Order to Garnish my wages? Don't I have to be notified if they go to court? The Company is Credit Acceptance Corporation of Michigan, I orginally got the loan in Indiana and now live in Illinois. Where will they go to court? Any advice will be appreciated. Also they have upped what I owe, the amout even before the repo cost are factored in. I also have 3 contracts with 3 different dollar amounts. Anyone with any experiences with Credit Acceptence Corporation?
  2. Michelle

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    We had a car repossesed from them. They upped our price also. We only had one contract and the amount we paid and what they said we owed were way off. They did get a judgement from us in the county which we live in. They were unable to collect on it. They have also listed the debt three seperate times on each credit report. In addition, they have flagged our report as no being able to find us. Just recently they started calling anyone and everyone, such as our landlord (when she called back they couldn't figure out why they called her) they also left a message on my in-laws answering machine. They have our phone number but never call us. But they do send us pay off notices about once a month. They are offering a payoff of 25% below the total amount. Problem is tha it's really not 25% off. It is way over the amount of the judgement. The judgement is from 97 so before they could act on it they would have to go and get a new one. I've also had the contract read over and found out they had the dealership pad the price by $2000 dollers into the sale price. Afterwards we questioned the dealership and they called it a loan origination fee. We also put down $4000 on top of making payments for 12 months. The loan was for 24 months and the loan amount of around $7000 and they claim we owe them $6000, this is after they said they sold the vehicle and payed the amount against the loan. I believe they are a loan shark company.

    I wish you good luck.
  3. Steven Z

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    Credit Acceptence Corporation is AKA GMAC
  4. Indnewssrv

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    These type of tactics are no surprise to me. It's a common factor that they will add all these lame fees and interest charges and when you add it up its like your paying for the car twice. So look over the statements they send and see if you can get a discount on what the car is worth itself not what the dealership or credit company wants to get out of it.

  5. dansreply

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    this is really frustrating situation for you. in fact anyone facing this sort of problem may act in the same way. its the time to go for an attorney in your local. but before that you may contact the concerned party so that there might be a way out to the problem. if not then go for the attorney.
  6. Hedwig

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    This thread is over eight years old. The posters aren't even around anymore.

    What's the purpose in bumping something this old to say it's frustrating? I'm sure it's long since solved. Eight years is a long time.
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    Hedwig I've been seeing alot of this lately.I'm sure some of the laws have been changed.Where do they find these
  8. KHM

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    I've noticed it too. Maybe they are searching for a topic, find this and reply...who knows!
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    I suspect that's what happens, but we need to let them know how old they are.

    Not only have laws changed (FACTA has been passed since some of these threads), but techniques that work change, too.

    Sometimes they're bumping posts because they're spammers and they've found something that they can offer "help" with (through their service, of course).

    When you see ones that reference some web site or service, you should report them.
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    They will file on you in what ever state you are in. Eventually they will do a search and find out where you work and yes they have to do a judgement to garnish your wages. And you will be notified
  11. Hedwig

    Hedwig Well-Known Member

    And why bump a post that was started over 10 years ago? And last replied to (with notice of how old it is) almost two years ago.

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