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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by bgolden, Jul 4, 2000.

  1. bgolden

    bgolden Guest

    has anyone used this company to determine what credit cards you should apply for? Please post your experience with them. I filled out the form they have on the net, and I'm looking for some good cards to re-establish credit for both me and my husband. They said we qualify for 8 unsecured, 5 partially, 2 merchant, and 5 secured. just wanted opinions so i can decide if i want to spend the 19.95 to get it. thanks
  2. James

    James Guest

    Don't waste the money. You can determine which cards you will qualify for by using these forums. Listen to the people and read the postings. You should never have to pay anyone to determine what cards you can get, because it is not guaranteed that you will get the cards.

    Use your judgement based on your credit profile. If you don't have any extreme negatives ie. charge off's - repo's - judgements - bkrptsy, you should qualify eaisly for Providian or Capitol One products. If you have extreme negatives, you will need to choose one of the secured providers, AMEX, Orchard, Capitol One, First Premier and on and on. There is a complete listing of secured credit cards on this site as well as

    There is not anyone person that can tell you if you will be approved for a credit card. Even with perfect credit, you can still be declined for various reasons.

    Good Luck and happy reading.
  3. Mark

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    I used the service about a month ago. Granted you can find the banks you may qualify for on your own but I felt the $19 fee was a time saver for me.

    I ended up getting approved for a credit card that I didn't think I was qualified to get.

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