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  1. R. Brumfie

    R. Brumfie Guest

    Has anyone ever use the services of I like the info and services offered I just wanted to ask someone that has personal experience with them. Thanks! Ro.
  2. Don

    Don Well-Known Member

    Used them...loved them..they are the best out there...see my post a bit further's in a string regarding a credit repair service....
  3. curiouser

    curiouser Well-Known Member

    I've never used them. But I have explored their website and have been impressed with the information they provide. Also, one of their employees posted here consistently and I was impressed with her level of expertise and professionalism. I have yet to read any legitimate complaints about them.
  4. Beth

    Beth Guest

    I used them and loved their service too. I got the same assessment Don got and it helped me solve 11 bad accounts. I do want to mention though that now they do the assessment by using your own reports so no inquiry will be added. They told me they changed this because it really was not neccessary for them to order the reports. The consumer could use their own and avoid an inquiry. You just fax or mail the reports to them and they work it up off of what you send. I had them do it again because it has been a few months and I wanted to see how much I improved it. I faxed my reports,(all 3) and got the results by priority mail the next day. They are fast and reliable. One of the only ones out there that offer real help. You choose what you want. Either they can do it for you or you can use thier report to do it yourself. I saved alot by doing it myself and it was possible.

    R. Brumfield wrote:
    Has anyone ever use the services of I like the info and services offered I just wanted to ask someone that has personal experience with them. Thanks! Ro.
  5. Michelle

    Michelle Guest

    Yes, I used them and was very happy. They made the report easy to read and highlighted the items which I needed to take care of. The only thing I wish the report would have done was prioritized the negative items. From what I understand, some have a great impact than others.

    Because of the report I was able to take care of somethings which I didn't even realized existed. They pointed out several conflicting items. In less than 6 months I have been able to drasticly improve my credit. I am going to order another report from them in about 6 months to see how much improvements I have made and to get more advance on removing the tough ones.
  6. MichaelOH

    MichaelOH Guest

    They pulled my report and evaluated it. I was then able to get some advice as to what strategy I should follow to improve my score. They will handle disputes for you if you like. Kristi Feathers is extremely knowledgeable and has helped bunches of people on this board, including me.
  7. Credit Ran

    Credit Ran Guest

    I too find them to be professional and they offer alternatives. Ms Feathers has demonstrated the highest levels of professionalism and their site offers much useful information.
  8. Don

    Don Well-Known Member

    Well, now wait a minute...our friend Bobby did have his usual rude things to say about them at one point...

    Gee, that says it all, eh?...:)

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