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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by jam237, Aug 9, 2016.

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    I decided to start this thread to collect case law that people may want to review to strengthen their letters in certain situations.

    Reasonable Investigation Requirement
    Cushman v. Trans Union Corporation - CUSHMAN v. TRANS UNION CORPORATION | FindLaw
    Johnson v. MBNA America - JOHNSON v. MBNA AMERICA BANK NA LLC | FindLaw
    Henson v. CSC Credit Services - 29 F3d 28 Henson v. Csc Credit Services | OpenJurist
    Boggio v. USAA Federal Savings Bank - BOGGIO v. USAA FEDERAL SAVINGS BANK | FindLaw
    Teri Lynn Hinkle v. Midland Credit Management, Inc., et al -
    Peter Dickman v. Verizon Communications, Inc. dba Verizon Wireless - FDCO 20120629D00/DICKMAN v. VERIZON COMMUNICATIONS, INC.
    Sheffer v. Experian -
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    Great stuff to read here...thanks for putting this together Jam. I'll make sure the thread gets stickied.
  3. jam237

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    Ooooohhhhhhhh... My own stickie... :)

    Hinkle is especially fresh... :)

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