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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Paul, Sep 12, 2000.

  1. Paul

    Paul Guest

    Has any one ever used one of those cash advance sites where you need a checking account and they will loan you money till your next payday?
  2. Momofthree

    Momofthree Guest

    Personally I think this is a bad idea myself, you should never spend money before you have it, just my thoughts
  3. CardReport

    CardReport Guest

    Be very careful with sub-sub-prime lenders like this.

    The interest rates are *very* high, if calculated as an APR, although they might not *look* so bad, since the loans are only for a week or so. There may be high fees, too.

    Also, my understanding of their requirement for a checking account is that apparantly you have to give them a post-dated check. This is either used to pay off the loan on the scheduled day, and/or is held hostage, with the threat of them presenting it and nailing you for writing you a bad check.

    Although I notice you say, "sites." Are you talking about traditional store-front type facilities, or something online? If there is an online version of this sort of thing, I would guess that it would involve an ACH transfer to send you the money, and an ACH authorization from you to function like the post-dated check.

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  4. slan

    slan Guest

    I've taken out one of these payday loans before and it worked really well for me. (from a store, not online)

    The fee for $150 loan for 2 weeks was $25.00.
    That may average out to a high APR over a year, but it is less than the returned check fee from the bank.

    Very useful if you have an emergency expense thatyou weren't planning on.

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