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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Laura, Jan 25, 2001.

  1. Laura

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    I have a question, if your cash available is only 30% of your available limit, is there any way to draw more cash? ie Can you do a balance transfer and use your visa check card and you will have a credit to your checking account? Or can you actually go a bank and get a cash withdrawal for more than the available amount? Deal is, I need to send my surgeon a $900 deposit by 2-1-01 and I won't have my income tax back yet. Their office doesn't take credit cards. So I am trying to figure out how to get cash. Can you go to bill pay and transfer the money to your checking account? Thanks I need help. Laura
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    You may want to call your credit card company and see if they will increase the allowable percentage of cash. Many times they will do so, especially for a medical emergency.

    The balance transfer into your checking account is a good idea, but some credit card issuers will not do it. Also, watch out for balance transfer fees. Usually, balance transfers take a couple of weeks.

    The other alternative is to get access checks on the account. These can be used like personal checks and usually are not limited to the cash advance percentage allotment. Also check for fees on these.

    The thing to watch out for when taking a cash advance on a credit card is that you can really get hit with high fees and a higher percentage rate on the funds in some cases (depending on the issuer). I would only take cash out on a credit card as a last resort.

    I hope you are able to work something out,

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    Hey, long time no see! glad to see you back =0)

    GEORGE Well-Known Member

    JUST A SUGGESTION...ask the hospital (ALL HOSPITALS SHOULD TAKE CREDIT CARDS) were the operation is going to take place if they will charge your credit card $920.00 and give the doctor a $900.00 check AND THEY CAN KEEP THE $20.00 FOR THEIR SERVICE. A cash advance fee of up to 4% on top of probably 24% interest...$20.00 is a great deal...
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    Not trying to get too personal, but it will be at a suite at the dr's office because it is a cosmetic surgery (having something reduced) lol. So I have to pay cash up front.
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    I can't believe that place don't take credit cards? Most plastic surgeons that I've seen do! That's how must people finance their operations. Weird...
  7. Laura

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    I think alot has to do with the clients he sees. Who knows? They do have a plan where you can apply for financing through a company and they pay him directly. They sent me a link to the site, but their interest rate is like 24.9%. I figure if I pay him like this it will cost me less, and being a Cash Pay vs insurance or the financing he gave me 20% off. So it will work out in the wash. Thanks for all your help. Now to get a new card to pay for my way to Cali and motels, food etc. :)
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    I used to work for a cc co. what you can do depending on what co. you are with is you can request convenience checks,they go towards your purchase balance, deposit it into your checking accout (write out to yourself) and
    then withdraw from your bank account or write personal checks. This works best for most just keep in mind of the transaction fee. And unfortunately no you cannot use more than the available for direct cash advances, and in order to increase your cash advance limit you would have to increase your entir purchase credit line.
  9. mj

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    RE: Cash advances?? CAREFUL!!!


    I've been doing the bal-xfr game for a year or so now, and I've noticed that the card issuers are getting a little more careful.

    All of my recent xfers (even ones by conv. check) made note on my statements who the check was written to.

    Amex, Fleet, Chase all state clearly (1) you can't xfer from an account with that bank (no Fleet to Fleet xfrs) and (2) any check made payable to yourself or cash will be treated as a cash advance not xfer.

    For me, that's over 10% difference in APRs - plus fees up the wazoo.

    My advice- if you _need_ cash and want it at your lower purchase rate- get an overdraft line of credit on your checking account. Dip into that, then bal-xfr that amount to your lower rate credit card.

    Again - watch that you don't pay to yourself, just to the bank. Also, if you deal with a "big bank" and you're doing the xfer electronically, make sure the payment goes to the correct address (i.e. to Fleet's overdraft line of credit address, not their credit card payment address).

    Good luck-

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