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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by peeper, May 27, 2008.

  1. peeper

    peeper Well-Known Member

    Will regular banks cash a large government check if the person has no banking relations with that bank?Do they charge a fee?Does anyone know who will cash a large government check other than a bank?PS:The amount of the check is for 2700.
  2. flacorps

    flacorps Well-Known Member

    Cash shops (payday loan places) and grocery and convenience stores will often cash government checks, for a fee of course.
  3. TeeVeeDude

    TeeVeeDude Well-Known Member

    Is this government check from the IRS? I saw an ad on TV this weekend that says WalMart will cash your IRS check with no fee. And if you're worried about carrying a lot of cash, they'll put it on a prepaid Visa card, also with no fee.
  4. Sunmotion

    Sunmotion Member

    I'm not sure about banks, but surprisingly, a currency exchange will cash large government checks, although they will only cash personal checks up to $25.
  5. greg1045

    greg1045 Well-Known Member

    True, Walmart ans ccheck cashing places will cash govt. checks such as the stimulus amounts, and other tax refunds, but I would hesitate from doing that. Remember - all those checks display YOUR SS # and would give any dishonest employee a huge opportunity for ID theft.

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