CC Retail Services=Citifinancial ?

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Amy B, Sep 8, 2003.

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    One of our suppliers, Pro Source - a contractors floorcovering haven lol, gave us an application for business credit with the above. I called them today to check on our app and they said because they'd extended other credit to us recently they'd like a pg. No problem, but they will NOT tell me what they are looking for re: a minimum fico. The highest scores right now are my dh, who has a 7 yr old bk. He's 713-743 on all 3 cra's. The most she would say is that they look at what's been established since then, not whether it was instant denial or not....and she was very snotty. Has anyone dealt with them and what was your experience? Our other partner and I have no bk or major derogs, but because of balances are in the mid 600s right now. Worst case scenario is we waste an inq on the dh. Advice?

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