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  1. BG

    BG Guest

    I have heard that there is a CLASS ACTION SUIT being put together against CCB, does
    anybody know the people to contact for
    this suit, my wife and I would love to join in. especially after what they did to her
    over a mistake they admitted was there fault.
    I can not believe a co. would make a customer
    pay the penalties for an error that they
    admit was there's by stating that once the
    fees are put on they can not take them off.
    Does this sound familiar to anyone. Please
    advise us on any law suits against CCB.
  2. Steven Z

    Steven Z Guest

    At this point in time I have yet to hear of an established class action suit being taken against Cross Country Bank.

    You might be better off taking legal action yourself. Previous posters have shown that once in court CCB is consistently beaten.
  3. BG

    BG Guest

    thanks steven I'll do just that, at least
    I know they have been beaten, and I hope to be next to nail them.
  4. J. Edgar

    J. Edgar Well-Known Member

    What really needs to happen is that someone who lives in Delaware or Florida needs to get a judgement against them. Since they have business locations in both of those states, there would be a much better chance of collecting from them.

    Incidentally, I seem to recall a discussion about two month ago on the old board about someone who succeed in suing them in Federal Court. I haven't heard anything more about that or any follow up at all. If the successful plaintiff is still out there, I think alot of people here would like to hear all of the dirt and how successful you were at collecting from them.
  5. Steven Z

    Steven Z Guest

    That would've been T-Rex and he posted that on February 1. He usually appears and updates his situation about 1-2 times a month so I'm looking forward to his return.

    As regarding an individual living in one of the two states; I had voiced an opinion previously that it would take a repeat of a trial lawyer who holds a CCB card getting screwed to get the ball rolling. Thats exactly what happened with Providian (Schuman? was a resident of San Francisco where Providian is based).
  6. Don

    Don Well-Known Member

    The only potential action I have heard about is:

    Orange County Superior Court case no. 802894, Allec v. Cross Country Bank.

    Attorney handling the case:

    Barron Ramos, Esq.
    Blumenthal, Ostroff & Markham
    1420 Kettner Blvd., 7th Floor
    San Diego, CA 92101
  7. mba

    mba Well-Known Member

    Exactly what is it that this bank did that is actionable?

    Mark Aronson
    Pittsburgh, PA
    March 20, 2000
  8. BOB

    BOB Guest

    MBA, here's a short list.
    1. They makes mistakes, admit there mistakes
    but you have to pay the fees from there
    2. They illegally take money out of customers
    bank accounts without there authorization
    3. They purposely hold payments, and or
    lose payments so they can charge you
    extra fees. And once they start they
    keep on going from there.
    4. When send a letter to them stating there
    mistake, and you should not have to pay
    penalty fees, they send you a form letter
    saying, it does not matter the fees are
    yours, or maybe one saying your letter
    of complaint wasn't stated properly so
    you have to pay the penalty.
    5. They will hound you 24/7 no matter where
    you are at, home, work, your parents,
    where ever they have a phone # they will
    call it no matter what time of day or

    These are just a few of the things they do
    some of there practices are against the law but they don't care. One of there employees
    told me they were instructed to hold checks
    or money orders, and in some cases throw
    them away and to state they never received
    them. Need I say much more.
  9. Joseph Smi

    Joseph Smi Guest

    Who told you and do you have any proof of any aligations you are making? We do not call 24/7 we call between 8am and 9pm in what ever time zone the cardholder is in. We only call the #'s the cardholder gives us if you gave us your parents # as a contact then why should we not call there? Why should the bank waive all the fee's you dispute? All banks PRIME and sub-prime alike make their profit from fees. The american way ride a good horse untill it dies

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