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    Here's how CROOKS COUNTRY BILK'S new payment
    system worked. Ma made a payment on 6/17 on their web site. It posted on 6/18 and the credit release for that payment was 6/27.
    So if you make a payment on their web site
    the minimum before your credit is released
    is 10 DAYS. Just thought some people would
    like to know. I would hate for someone to
    make a payment & then a few days later go
    to use their card and find their credit
    has not been released. Just another way for
    CROOKS COUNTRY BILK to say screw all you customers even if you have never been late,
    never been overlimit,& always paid more than the minimum. Wonder whats next from this loser bank? It will be exciting to see I'm
    sure. Ma said one of their customer service reps said they expect to lose alot of customers over this new adventure at screwing customers.

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