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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Don, Aug 10, 2000.

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    We still need as much proof as possible of Cross Country Bank's fraudulent and criminal activities involving embezzled payments, lost payments, harrassing phone calls (the current record is 1400 calls to one individual since January!!) matter what you may read, the Class Action suit is alive and well in Federal Court in Florida...

    CCB has until approximately 8-24 to reply to the court, otherwise there will be a default judgment entered. Realizing they can't possibly be so arrogant as to ignore the suit (the hiring discrimination suit they are also facing had them always replying at the deadline..), it will likely be the 24th when they respond.

    Until then, contact Larry,, for more info on joining the suit.

    Remember..the most critical thing here is concrete proof of CCB's logs...letters...statements...situations of where your credit limit was gone just due to the application fees and charges, etc...

    Frustration over getting taken in my these scammers needs to be set aside. If you simply didn't read the terms, not much can be done, unless you have a situation where they have truly wronged you..

    If in doubt, e-mail Larry....

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