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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Don, May 20, 2000.

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    It would take pages and pages to detail what it took to get a final 27 (owed from November) dollars out of CCB, but the check, after Mr. Michael Shaw, one of CCB's Executive Relations Scumbags, said they would not pay (various reasons..don't owe closed..account closed..yadeeya...) arrived today. No letter...just a check.

    The final 2 letters I wrote, copying the FDIC, State AG, and DE Bank Commission, like all the rest, basically detailed his 8 lies, asked him for records all the way back to when my wife opened her account, and suggested that it would be a shame for him to be deposed for 27 dollars..yes, just the BS threat of small claims did it..(well, class action got mentioned too..), but I wonder if the fact that I am in a state where they are actually running a payment drop had anything to do with it.

    Lesson learned for everyone here is that CCB WILL break down if you have the facts and keep hammering them. They KNOW when they are wrong, which tells me they truly are knowingly breaking the law, not just ignorantly doing it. I followed the rules to the letter, kept writing (yea, it was about 100% principle, not $$), and would not let it go. Until this last letter I was civil. The last letter which got the check got down and dirty, and got results...

    It CAN be done..just lower yourself to playing the scumbag's game at their level..
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    It's Time To Destroy Cross Cou

    Cross Country needs to be treated just like Big Tobacco and destroyed in the courts, their fortunes depleted, their executives prosecuted, fined, and imprisoned. This bank is not a bank but a massive fraud perpetrated on the least powerful, least sophisticated, least fortunate, most desperate among us. Cross Country has crossed the country one too many damn times and it's time The People fight back. We need to join up and find the greediest, richest, meanest trial lawyers in the nation to nail these bastards to the wall and send their sorry asses to the poor house!
  3. Olamp

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    RE: It's Time To Destroy Cross

    After reading all of the nightmare stories on here about CCB, I decided to close both of my accounts (Visa & Mastercard). I paid both high balances off and sent a letter (not a nice one I might add, of course because I expected problems) requesting that both accounts be closed and to refund my over-payments. I sent the letter about 2 weeks ago (return-receipt requested). Last week I received 2 letters from them granting my request to close and letting me know what they owed me. Yesterday I received my checks! I just wanted to share my LUCK (thank goodness) about CCB.
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    RE: It's Time To Destroy Cross

    OLAMP, I'm really happy for you. You made a wise decision getting away from CCB. They don't screw everyone, just about 80-90%.
    Those odds make it not worth staying with them. Even though you received a check from them they have been known to accidentally send people another statement with some bogus charge, and then take months to clear it up. But the percentages for this are low.
    Thanks for your happy story, CROOKS COUNTRY BANK, doesn't allow for many happy stories.
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    RE: It's Time To Destroy Cross

    This just goes to show what doing thing 'properly' can accomplish. If you go about dealing with creditors "by the book" and in a business-like manner they will get the message not to screw around with you.

    Incidentally, if you close a credit card account that has a credit balance, the creditor has seven days to refund the credit balance. This is a federal law.

    I personally prefer to deal with creditors only in writing. That way, there is a documentation trail that can easily be used later if it's necessary to resort to litigation.
  6. bg

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    RE: It's Time To Destroy Cross

    Anybody wanting to try and get back at CCB
    for all they've put you through look at the post above titled CCB & NIGHTLINE, check it out, BOB found the information at, ABC Nightline would probably love to get their hands on a company like CROOKS COUNTRY BANK. This could be a start to a beautiful story for ABC and
    could expose CCB for what they are ( a group
    or unethical immoral idiots who could care less about their customers.
  7. dw

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    RE: It's Time To Destroy Cross

    I'm game! I just posted a similar message. Count me in! Please see my message "My CCB story, my CCB exposition", you'll see where I'm coming from.


  8. dw

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    RE: It's Time To Destroy Cross

    Proof positive that exposition (and communication) does work!

    I was newly returned to the credit industry when CCB bit a big chunk out of my ass! It warms my heart to think that some people have been saved from the nightmares and torture because I, and many others, have a big mouth!!

    Good for you! Lesson learned, now turn the page!! (Don't look back!)



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