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    Finally the lawyers from CCB have mounted their first lawsuit against website location.

    This is a great day for everyone working to expose the problems caused by this bank.

    You can download the actual case file on Adobe Acrobat Reader file .pdf.
  2. Steven Z

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    RE: CCB finally sues JerryDJ.c

    I gotta admit Jerry I'm somewhat disappointed. When I saw the header I immediately thought finally all those posts on your site day after day daring them to sue either yourself or perhaps Don who has been pleading for them to do so, hell even ME, as I've been calling them crooks and a "criminal organisation" on your board daily.

    Instead, and demonstrating conclusively what types of cowards CCB are they go after an individual who, if not an actual employee of theirs (we sure couldn't tell any difference), is virtually a caricature of all that is wrong about CCB.

    I agree with you that this lawsuit is a joke and will be laughed out of court. But I am thinking that this perhaps will give an opening to those like Len who have sued CCB successfuly gotten a judgement served against them but have never been renumerated by the DEADBEATS at Crooks Country Bank, same for others ripped off and robbed by CCB, to make their voice heard, after all they are posters on your site too.

    If handled correctly, CCB may find that they have opened Pandora's Box and will find it extremely difficult or impossible to close it.
  3. J. Edgar

    J. Edgar Well-Known Member

    RE: CCB finally sues JerryDJ.c

    I've downloaded the fax copy of the lawsuit, but it appears that the lawsuit is a "John Doe" lawsuit against someone who has posted messages on your board, and not you or your website. You are not named as a defendant. No doubt they want you to contact them so they can get server logs or any other information they can regarding this individual.
  4. Kathie

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    Rise to the occasion

    I agree this looks like a fishing expedition to flush out the target. The good news is that the web site is causing them some heartburn and market share. Everyone should post a message ASAP to let CCB know exactly where their future is headed, and that their billable hours are about to skyrocket. Too sad, it sucks to be them.
  5. Len

    Len Guest

    RE: CCB finally sues JerryDJ.c

    Well, I've never been to Delaware, but this gets me angry enough to pack a bag and show the judge my judgment.

    Is Cross Country just trying to discover the identies of Jerry's posters? Can they do that over something so dumb? I suspect they may have a difficult time setting a legal precedent with this wild goose chase. How do you provide proper service to a troll, anyway?

    At least Cross Country is paying attention. Maybe the media will as well.
  6. Steven Z

    Steven Z Guest

    RE: CCB finally sues JerryDJ.c

    I truly believe (and Jerry has come to the same conclusion), that this pathetic excuse for a lawsuit that has no chance in hell of succeeding, was brought about because of the embarassment and riducle the troll? was placing upon CCB by bringing their criminal practises out into the open.

    Now I don't really know if "More Facts" is a troll, an actual CCB employee (you think they would ever admit to that publicly!) or somebody very close to a CCB employee. And because of him anybody reading Jerry's site could actually see in all the gory details what type of policies were commonplace in Crooks Country Bank made all the more horrible because it came from a "actual" CCB employee.

    We can only speculate what sort of calls and questions they were receiving from potential customers, journalists and probably government officials who had chanced upon the site.

    I also feel with a public lawsuit involving such a controversial topic such as privacy and the rights of the individual this has a good chance to make the mainstream media and finally bring scrunity and columns from the reporters, and that especially includes YOU Cynthia, we've been waiting and holding our breath some 8+ months now waiting for your supposed expose.

    Hopefully, Jerry's site will get alot more attention, publicity and alot more hits from CCB victims and potential one's.

    The end result is CCB is running scared and this joke of a lawsuit opens the door to many possibilies, including counter suits by "Friends of More Facts". Whatever the case I know you, Don and Jerry will surely be leading the charge, and yes BOB there's a spot reserved for you and bg too.
  7. Guest

    RE: CCB finally sues JerryDJ.c

    Sorry Steven, I can't stop laughing long enough to really respond to your posting.

    Please excuse my laughter, I'm not trying to be rude or anything like that!


  8. Guest

    RE: CCB finally sues JerryDJ.c

    On the topic of server logs etc. I made sure as a member of the press core that those don't have any data at all. Because there is no laws governing what records a website must have or how long they must be maintained, Jerry's law stated that with one button they must have been deleted. LOL

    This is just too funny for me!

    John Doe?

    My only concern is that the don't dismiss their case on Monday. I really need this case to make some points with the Law School admission board here at Cleveland State Univesity. LOL


    I haven't laughed this much since I won my first Ohio Supreme Court Case. LOL
  9. Len

    Len Guest

    RE: CCB finally sues JerryDJ.c

    As someone said on your board, Cross Country doesn't realize just who they're dealing with here:)

    They really have themselves convinced that they can intimidate anyone and get away with anything. I bet this suit disappears when Cross Country notices that self-inflicted wound. It will be a shame, but can whoever made this decision at Cross Country really continue this farce when the possible exposure is considered.

    Cross Country is set to challenge freedom of speech and the right to privacy?? That should flip the rock Cross Country lives under and shine some sunlight on the scum.
  10. Bobby R

    Bobby R Guest

    RE: CCB finally sues JerryDJ.c

    I showed the body of the "lawsuit" to my law professor at USC, here
    in California...
    I covered the so-called "law firm" name so he only read the text.
    When I asked him for a grade ... he wadded it up, threw it in the
    round file and said "stop playing games, where's the real assignment"?
    My fellow students all had a good laugh, too. Thanks CCB,you and
    your team of ambulance chasers should write for TV !
  11. BOB

    BOB Guest

    RE: CCB finally sues JerryDJ.c

    STEVEN, we'll be there if needed, like Jerry
    I haven't quit laughing long enough to say much. But as someone said CROOKS COUNTRY has
    opened up pandoras box, and will be embarrassed even worse in the long run.
    I'm with you Steven this could bring out the
    press and that would be great to expose these
    criminals at CCB.
  12. J. Edgar

    J. Edgar Well-Known Member

    RE: CCB finally sues JerryDJ.c

    They need to file the lawsuit first in order to get subpoena power. Be prepared to deal with a subpoena about "More Facts".

    You might be able to head off this potential messy and expensive problem by pre-empting them. Write them a letter and state that you and your webhosting service maintain no server logs and therefore you will not be able to provide any information regarding "More Facts" beyond what was visible on the message board. Suggest that they save themselves the trouble and expense of service. Your webhosting service is likely to be served with a subpoena anyhow.

    They can't accuse you of being uncooperative as you took down the alleged "copyright infringment" as soon as you became aware of it.

    Just remember, those who provide public message boards on the internet for people to post on are in no way liable for the content of the posting per the Telecommunications Reform Act of 1996.

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