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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Doyle, Mar 23, 2000.

  1. Doyle

    Doyle Guest

    Ok, I was stupid and applied for the CCB visa before I checked on this board. I received the card in the mail, immediately cut the card up and wrote a letter telling them that after reading the FULL account terms, I had reconsidered my decision to open an account with them and to close it. I mailed it off a few weeks ago, and I still have no response. Since I never activated the card, and I havent received a bill, should I assume the account is closed? Or, should I assume that CCB will attempt to charge the Activation fee, processing fee, and any other fee that they can come up with? If the latter, what should I do?
  2. BOB

    BOB Guest

    THEM. But knowing CCB you never know.
    Most credit card co. give you the opportunity
    to refuse when your card is sent and you read
    the full terms. Those terms are sent with the card and not before, so I would say your
    alright. Smart move on your part to not
    activate it and return it. You saved yourself
    alot of trouble and money by not using CCB.
    Not only money to CCB but also money on
    Tylenol, Tum, Pepto-Bismal, etc..
  3. Doyle

    Doyle Guest

    Thanks. I hope you're right. My biggest concern now is that CCB will say "Your card was printed, therefore you owe us for the processing fee".
  4. Don

    Don Well-Known Member

    If they insist on trying to get you to pay, I'd immediately file a complaint with the Delaware Banking Commission...for starters..and at the same time, formally dispute the charges with CCB...
  5. CCB Victim

    CCB Victim Guest

    I do have a Cross Country Card and recently I was assesed an over the limit fee for a charge that took me over the limit. However, I was at an ATM, and even though I did not have enough available credit CCB still allowed me to take the money out. But, this was obviously in their best interest since I went over the limit under $1.00 and they charged me a $25.00 over the limit fee. I called them and asked that they code my account not to go over the limit if the available credit is not there and they said that they cannot do that. Other banks can why can't they or is that they won't because obviously they are making money.
  6. Don

    Don Well-Known Member

    If you read their terms, they tell you they have the right to charge you EVEN IF THE REQUEST IS DENIED.

    Can you say "loan shark"...?
  7. CCB Victim

    CCB Victim Guest

    You have got to be kidding. I am into them for 4,500.00, how can I get out of Dodge, i would like to find a bank that will just let me transfer my balances. They will not let you talk to a supervisor. They keep insisting that they have no control over allowing your card to go over the limit. I know this is a lie. They will not let you go over the limit a $l,000 only under $25.00 or so because they will get double the money by charging an over the limit fee, plus interest.
  8. Steven Z

    Steven Z Guest

    RE: CCB Question - Take your c

    I find you'd be far less than a 'victim' if you wouldn't insist on charging your card up to the limit and then incredulously attempt to get a cash advance even though you KNOW that will push you over the limit and result in an over the limit fee.

    What were you thinking? You think CCB is the only one responding this way? The whole sub-prime industry makes a good chunk of its profits from over the limit and late fees. And less you think its only sub-prime look no further than First USA (a prime card grantor) which has been notorious for the speed in which it penalizes its customers with over the limit and late fees.

    Yet you decide to play games with the WORST credit card company in the industry and cry when you get stung. You fit the stereotype that the apologists for the sub-prime industry like to point out is the norm e.g. individual who cannot handle his credit always charging up to the limit and not keeping track of the due dates and then coming on credit boards and wailing "poor me"

    My advice to you find a card (any card) that will let you transfer at least $500-$1000 that way you'll be nowhere near the limit and then focus on bringing the rest of the balance down. CCB may attempt to screw you many other ways but at least you won't be in danger of going over the limit and getting stuck with the subsequent fees.
  9. portercm

    portercm Guest

    This is for CCB Victim- if you need to transfer your balance to a new card you might want to try Nextcard. The maximum transfer balance is $4500 but if CCB is the only card you want to transfer try it. They did it for me and I have 6 credit cards so they should help you and the APR is only about 12.9% at least it was for me it might be lower for you. Go ahead and give it a try. Hope it helps you! :)
  10. J. Edgar

    J. Edgar Well-Known Member

    The only flaw in this is that it pre-supposes that someone can qualify for NextCard. NextCard has high underwriting standards. If someone has a CCB card, they were probably targeted for it as someone with lower quality credit. If this is the case, NextCard will likely turn them down and they will be stuck with an inquiry for two years.
  11. Steven Z

    Steven Z Guest

    WAY too many "interested" parties pushing this EXTREMELY HARD to obtain card, you only need PERFECT CREDIT duh! Naturally, they could care less about about those who are stuck with negative inquiries for I figure most of them are being paid by the application.

    BTW, guess missed a response somebody made 2 days ago to one of your earlier posts concerning MBNA, called you a 'plant' and the name J. Edgar as phony as the typical collection agent, quite amusing, have a look.
  12. Joseph Smi

    Joseph Smi Guest

    CCB will not stop over the limit charges not only that in the credit card agreement it states that once we do deny a charge to the acct being over the limit they will asses a 27$ over the limit fee every time you try

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