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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Eric, Jun 12, 2000.

  1. Eric

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    Well, you can say "I told you so" now, Bob.

    I finally decided to cancel my CCB account. So, I waited until the annual fee came on the statement, and called to cancel.

    Low and behold, they have a sleezeball clause in the cardmember agreement that says you have to cancel before you get the statement that has the annual fee.

    My question is: Is there any regulatory law regarding the annual fees and account cancellation? Are they just delaying by putting wording in their agreement that isn't legal?

    I do find some humor in the fact that they were unable to screw me until I decided to cancel my account. Instead of trying to save a perfect customer by waiving the fee, they are gonna take the $50 and run.

    I could care less about the $50, but I consider myself a solid business-person, and they screwed me good.

    I won't even waste my time typing about the customer service reps that can't even speak proper english (and we aren't talking about those for whom it is a second language).

    Go get em Bob.

    P.S. What's going on with class actions against these slimeballs?
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    RE: CCB Screws Again (real que

    I think you are stuck on this one...I recall they state (but don't quote me, as this is one thing I managed to avoid on my wife's account...) that you have to notify them prior to the fee being applied...realize also, if you close the account, and it has a balance, they tell you that rescinds the closing..

    The one way you may be able to get some good out of this is complain to the DE Bank Commission, and either FDIC and State AG..they likely won't get you your money, but it will get a letter from CCB stating your account is closed...and THAT, trust me, is damning evidence if they ever play anymore games...
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    RE: CCB Screws Again (real que

    Eric, $50 consider yourself lucky if that's
    all they get you for. And I don't need to say "I told you so", this happens to more and more people everyday when dealing with
  4. JP

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    RE: CCB Screws Again (real que

    General rule of thumb for cancelling accounts is that if you have a $0 balance, don't even wait around until the anniversary date, just cancel it right then and now. Be down with it. "Why do later, what you can do now?" Consider it a life's lesson for $50.


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