CCB strikes yet again

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Meredith, Jun 19, 2000.

  1. Meredith

    Meredith Guest

    Ok, this may be long and it may be short.

    I closed my CCB accounts, I had 2 of them. they have 3 accounts listed on my reports. I have account closed by consumer/zero balance letters. So lone behold, I apply for a car loan. I get denied, reason too much available credit for my income. So then I get my credit report from CSC Credit Services..........................................................DRUM ROLL...............

    CROOKS COUNTRY BANK has listed the accounts as Paid Account/Zero Balnce, they are not listed as closed and just paid account looks rather derogatory to me. So i pick up the phone call CCB, write down who I have talked to, tell them I have the letters in front of me and that I am sending them to the Credit Bureau. They say "I will put in a request to have it reported as zero balance/closed by consumer." Will this happen? I really don't think so, the response I got on the third card was you had a card lost or stolen. I told them that it should be listed that way then, I had the same problem with my Target account and they have it liste as lost or stolen card. So just how much of a fight am I going to have with them on their incidious little errors? Of course the errors in reporting were laced with malice and made to make my life hell because I refuse to have good credit and pay sub prime rates when I can just as easily get prime.
  2. JP

    JP Guest

    Sorry to hear about your misfortune with CCB. Your auto lender must be very "picky", because I've never heard of an auto loan being denied because someone has too much available credit for their income. Anyhow, I hope they clear up the mess for you.

  3. Don

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    If you have letters verifying the accounts are closed, send them to each CRA and dispute the current status based on the letters. The CRAs know of CCBs games also..

    Waiting for CCB to "fix it" is about as useless as it gets..
  4. BOB

    BOB Guest

    Meredith, if your waiting on CROOKS COUNTRY BILK to clear up one of their mistakes be prepared to wait for months, and also be prepared to spend alot of time on the phone
    reminding them it was their error. It took me almost 6 months to get one of their errors corrected.

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