CCB Suit is still alive and ki

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by bg, Aug 15, 2000.

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    As I stated below the CCB suit is alive and kicking and growing stronger everyday. More states are getting on board, and VISA has
    pulled the plug on CCB, all that's left is for CCB to convert everyone to MC on the annual fee date. Could MC be far behind?
    With CCB's reputation and the way they treat
    their customers I think not. CROOKS COUNTRY
    BANK, will be shut down and Frank will be out of a job, (he'll be in the same cell with ROCCO at the federal pen). Again nice try MF/FRANK, but you lose again as usual.
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    RE: CCB Suit is still alive an

    Is there a case or docket number for this class-action lawsuit we keep hearing about? I would like to do some follow-up on this myself, but have to unable to find any documentation or records about this case. Does anyone know what firms are representing the plaintiffs?

    I am becoming more disillusioned b/c I have not been able find any hard facts about this case. Unfortunately, I am beginning to believe that this is just another internet rumor that has been spread w/o merit; I hope this is indeed not the case. I would like to see this get the public & legal attention it deserves.
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    RE: CCB Suit is still alive an

    Question here's what your looking for.
    Class Action
    Southern District of Florida (W.PALM BEACH)
    CASE#: 00-CV-8670
    FILED: 7/21/2000
    This information was taken from the courts website, this was not past on from any individual. So this suit is for real and CCB has until next week to respond. This is only one of many cases to be brought against CCB.
    There will be another suit filed in Calif. shortly and one in New York is getting started also. So you can believe what you want from CCB employees like Frank posting the suit is not real. But if it was a joke
    the court records wouldn't show this info.
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    RE: CCB Suit is still alive an

    I'm just now getting involved in a dispute with CCB -- I've tried to close my accounts and they've initiated a campaign of endless harassing automated phone calls to my home at all hours of the day. Sometimes six or eight phone calls in one day.

    I called their 'customer service' line today to complain - I was verbally abused, prevented from speaking, and hung up on three times. They told me essentially that they will continue to call my house.

    I was under the impression that it was against federal law (consumer credit protection act) to harass a customer by telephone - I consider this harassment!

    I live in Massachusetts. Any way that I can or should join in one of these suits?
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    RE: CCB Suit is still alive an

    Yes Frederick, you need to join the lawsuit
    this is typical CCB procedure. As for being illegal yes it is. you need to go to and you can find all the information on the lawsuit and who to contact. You need to make-up a cease all contact except by mail letter and send it,
    to CCB Return receipt requested. Then keep records of every call they make after that,
    (dates,time,persons name,and where they called you at ( home,work etc.) also send a copy to your State Attorney General telling
    him of the harrassment. And send a copy to the Deleware State Banking Commission, CCB
    sometimes listens to them. But at least they will have it on file. And above all else
    send a copy to the FTC who monitors FDCPA
    laws. Good luck, and do go to
    to get all your answers about the lawsuit.

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