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  1. BG

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    Anyone having trouble with Cross Country Bank
    should write to Visa International. The more
    people that write the better the chances of
    them investigating CCB. If you have a complaint this is just one way to get Visa's
    attention. Those that don't write are wasting a chance to voice there displeasure
    with this bunch of crooks and there crooked
    leader ROCCO. You can write Visa International at

    Visa International
    P.O. Box 649
    Owings Mills, MD 21117-0649

    Those having problems or those that have had
    problems should write ASAP to get voices
    heard. GOOD LUCK!
    I"M mailing mine today!
  2. AW

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    I cannot begin to tell anyone the type of problems I have had to SUFFER through with Cross Country Bank. I am current in the process of filing a formal complaint against them for harrassment with my Deputy State Attorney for Consumer Affairs in PA. Anyone out there with more info to share or other routes to explore please contact me ASAP!
  3. Steven Z

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    RE: CCB Harassment Suit

    If you truly are "serious" about doing so you will have EVERYTHING in order that means

    A. Complete documentation
    B. Times, dates
    C. Recordings
    D. Proof that you informed CCB that they were in conflict and both legally and morally to both Federal and State harassment laws as well as their own regulations.

    You will find it easier to prove culpability on their part if this abuse happened at work.

    I would dearly wish you are successful with this as this would set a major precedent for their most abusive behaviour and severaly restrict their actions in the future.


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