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    Cross Country Bank's President:
    (home address and telephone #)

    Ed McKenna
    109 Hawthorne Ct. W.
    Hochessin DE 19707
    tel (302) 239-1480

    THIS IS PUBLIC DOMAIN INFORMATION. It is provided to aid consumers with claims against CCB serve legal process for litigation.
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    Could you please post Rocco Abesennio's address if you run across it? He is the head honcho of honchos at Cross Country and calls all the shots. If I haven't got the spelling right, would one of his victims please correct me.
  3. Cindy

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    maybe we all should start calling him 24/7 oh wait i got it tomorrow is SUNDAY!!!!!
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    Sorry, no. I will not post Rocco's info. I am only willing to post the names of corporate officers which a company lists in its incorporation documents with the Secretary of State in its particular state (public record info) and their home addresses if listed in property tax records, etc.

    This is because there is a legitimate use for the info- it can help people sue CCB.

    There is a federal precedent about a guy who did the same thing in Seattle. The court held that publishing the name and home address of the CEO of Experian was protected by the 1st ammendment because it had some potential legitimate use. The same judge imposed sanctions when the guy posted the same info about lawyers hired by Experian to defend it in a lawsuit he filed. The court held that there was no legitimate use for that info.

    Pick a bank, and I'll post info about corporate officers, but that's because the info has legitimate use.
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    RE: Rocco

    live dangerously, party-poop:)
  6. J. Edgar

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    RE: Rocco

    If you are talking about Bill Sheehan, that's totally ridiculous. Lawyers are officers of the court and members of the bar, and therefore their legal addresses are matters of public record.

    Sorry, but if you want those huge hourly fees, you are going to give up some of your privacy.
  7. P

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    RE: Sheehan

    I've read the Sheehan case law. The federal district judge held that Sheehan behaved "with bad faith" by publishing the opposing lawyers' home info on his website, and in imposing sanctions, THREW OUT SHEEHAN'S LAWSUIT. Sheehan had a good chance of winning. The judge punished him by throwing out his case. You have to read the judge's actual written ruling, not a press summary, to understand the reasoning.
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    RE: Rocco

    J. Edgar, you can post watever info, including Rocco's address, that you choose to.

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