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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by CiRcUs-FrE, Jul 16, 2000.

  1. CiRcUs-FrE

    CiRcUs-FrE Guest

    I was wondering if CCB's National Express Credit Line is as bad as their Credit Cards. I have an application and the Application Processing Fee is half as much as their credit cards. Anyone have a National Express Account with them?
  2. Len

    Len Guest

    Great. Cross Country is now offering some kind of Express on its highway to financial hell.
  3. Don

    Don Well-Known Member

    Anything involving CCB is a costly lesson in being the victim of loansharking and extortion...
  4. Cammie

    Cammie Guest

    Hi I work for CCB, the line of credit will only for work much for as the effort that is put into maintaining it. You will find alot of negative advise if you follow any that is found on this board. My suggestion always is to apply and if you don't like our service you can cancel. Keep in mind that if you use any of our products there is the responsibility of paying all start up costs as well as any charges you may make. If you don't charge there is no obligation to pay anything as long as you call within 30 days of receipt of card. It's very important that you the credit agreement that comes with any card, not just CCB.
    I hope you use your own judgment and not rely on the opinions of digruntled customers. One can not please everyone, but we do try if we see the effort.
  5. Steven Z

    Steven Z Guest

    Hi Cammie,

    I must say, your the first reasonable, actual normal sounding CCB rep thats come on here in quite a while.

    A very welcome change from the usual

    "Pay your bills your all deadbeats"
    "Its the post office's fault"

    that come from the same tired old script.

    A really refreshing change, welcome to the board.
  6. Don

    Don Well-Known Member


    You're joking right?..

    Has CCB decided to actually do something legal and ethical?..

    I'll believe it when I see it...but for now, your company's history of loansharking and theft takes precedence...

    And trust me..I wife is a former victim, err, customer of yours...
  7. bg

    bg Guest

    Don, victim is the right choice of words.
    CCB has no customers just victims. As far as Cammie goes circus-freak believe what you want. But once you use that card once they have you. Even if you just charge $10 and
    decide you don't want the card it will cost you $100's to get rid of it. CCB is the worst bank out there and you can do better.
    Just trust me and the others on this board CCB is nothing but a bunch of immoral,unethical,liers from hell. Cammie paints a good picture but is blind to the way CCB operates. Get rid of the card as fast as you can.
  8. Len

    Len Guest

    Oh, yeah. A couple of years ago I didn't listen to "disgruntled" Cross Country customers and ended up one of them. There's sure plenty of "disgruntled" Cross Country customers to listen too!
    Only "disguntled" isn't the word I'd use. Maybe outraged, appalled, or sickened would fit better with Cross Country customer.

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