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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by nngoodcred, Aug 18, 2003.

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    I am a newbie and have been reading posts for several hours looking for a solution to my credit problem. I am finally able to pay my debt and contacted CCCS to assist me. Providian and Cap1 have turned accounts over to CA's.They have not accepted any proposals from CCCS's to pay back my debt. NCO has recently called me at work to harrass me about paying off Cap1. I told them that I was trying yo pay them back using CCCS but he yelled and said he would not accept any payments from them or lower interest. He asked if I had a checking account. I told him "no" (a lie!) and he said that unless I paid him 2 payments of $350 he would attach a lien to my home or start garnishment. The debt for Cap1 is $830. I said I did not have $700 and he told me his audit dept would contact me at home ( I told him not to ever call my job again) I haven't heard any more from them and I am a little nervous. I know from reading the post :
    1) I shouldnt have talked to him
    2) to send a validation letter
    3) then use a c&d
    Truthfully I'd be happy to just settle but from days of checking out NCO on line they seem ruthless. Should I call them back to ask for a more reasonable offer? Or should I start the validation process and search the site for the next step? Thanks for ANY advice you can give-
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    Send them the validation letter. Don't send a full cease & desist. If you do, the only way they can contact you is to sue you. What you want to send them is a cease & desist telephonic communications, and communicate with you only in writing.

    Save everything that they send you. If they do call, write down the date, time, and who called. Other than getting that information, don't say a thing.

    They can't attempt to collect until they've sent you validation.

    Do a lot more research and reading here. You need to find out about the violations they will commit that allow you to sue them.

    If they're threatening to garnish wages or a bank account without getting a judgment (court order) they are probably already in violation of the law. You want to document as many violations as possible for when YOU sue THEM. But, of course, you don't want them to know that's what you're doing.

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