CCS and credit scores?

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by sl1029, Jun 26, 2001.

  1. sl1029

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    Hi hoping you have some insight for a friend. She's been on a CCS plan for 5 years or so, started before she had racked up any late paymernts, and has always paid CCS on time, CCS has always paid her creditors on time.

    Her Equifax report shows no late payments, but her credit score is a 603, with reason code of serious delinquency and amount owed on delinquent accounts.

    Only 2 creditors report that she is paying on a lesser amount than owed, and report that account was closed by credit grantor.

    Is anyone here working with CCS and had the same kind of report/score? It's odd that the online report doesn't show them as delinquent accounts, although the report by mail i guess may show them as status R4 or something like that. That particular nasty surprise happened to me recently...
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    I had a similiar problem a few years back. I had no late payments on my credit but just too many balances, so I joined. Well, after several years of payments to them, I ran a report and had a low score and couldnt get any credit. Well, I quickly stopped the CCS and now my score is up to 680ish...The agencies report that you are on CCS and this lowers your score, but, mine jumped right back up after I stopped. I still have the balances, but, my score is much much better.

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