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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by B2, Nov 6, 2000.

  1. B2

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    Does anyone know how a C&D letter works? I have sent one to a CC company about a debt I am protesting on the card. They say I owe it, I say I don't. (I charged a purchase to the card for $1000+, the product was not received, I refused to pay, the CC company says "tough, pay up". The charge was overseas).
    I send a C&D letter saying either correct and prove this debt or do not contact me. They have called, sent letters and statements, all in violation of a C&D letter. Their "legal" dept says that they regularly ignore such letters as they have more lawyers than I do.
    Would a copy of the letter to their state attorney general do any good?

  2. pat

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    get a lawyer

    for something this small (the amount of $$, not your level of frustration), look into:

    and think about joining. for $14 per month, you get a lawyer in your state who gives free legal advice via phone, writes free simple letters, and bills $70/ hr (that's cheap) if more work is needed.

    Sometimes all you need is a letter on a lawyer's letterhead.
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    I am not sure if a C&D letter works on the original creditor.
  4. Sorin

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    What CC company is that? Have you tried to solve the problem with the seller? There is a procedure for this, go check the credit FAQ, you cand find it here http://netlabs/net/hp/sorin

    I had the same problem with some computer parts that didn't arrive, but Citibank was very helpfull in solving the issue.
  5. Sorin

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    sorry, typo in URL

    The url is http://netlabs.net/hp/sorin
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    RE: Cease & Desist Info -

    You are correct - the C&D does not go to the original creditor.
    Now I have to figure out how to challange this charge - or have the bill go to collections, then write a C&D letter to them.
    (a real pain either way).



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