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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by newbie, Apr 3, 2001.

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    Hi, everyone. Sometime last week "N'awlins" posted that a collection agency removed their listings from credit reports when he sent them a letter of debt validation. What's everybody's opinions on this? Send this letter or send them a cease & desist letter? I just received a collection letter from an agency that claimed NCO (another collection agency) is their client. I need advice on how to deal with this one. Thanks!
  2. Mirage

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    Re: Cease & Desist or Vali

    newbie, NCO (these are the guys that have been pulling my credit report, 3/01 and 2/01).

    Still don't know why, can you tell me who the creditor is?

    Let me know what happens.

    Best regards,
  3. Cadillac408

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    Re: Cease & Desist or Vali

    So a collection agency sent you a letter to collect on behalf of another collection agency? What's up with that?

    I would send them a validation letter stating that you dispute their claim. Hopefully they'll respond with what the debt is in regards to. That's what I did. Some agency (who also pulled my TU report) sent me a letter on behalf of MCI Worldcom for $130 dated like in 96. I sent them a validation letter about 3 weeks ago. Haven't heard from them yet. What makes me mad is that MCI is my current long distance and cellular carrier! I never did business with them in 96 either.
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    Re: Cease & Desist or Vali

    NCO..collection agency in California? I've dealt with them on hospital bill...they are awful...totally disregard the law.
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    Re: Cease & Desist or Vali

    Send the letter lizardking posted. You may make some changes to fit your needs. If you don't hear from them in 30 days, state that they are in violation of the FCRA, attach all correspondence you have mailed them along with postal receipts (so they know you have been keeping track of everything). Also write in bold at the top, LAST NOTICE BEFORE FILLING SUIT.

    I am almost positive you will not need to send a follow-up letter, but the info above is FYI, in case you need it.

    Anything you want to add Lizarking?
  6. newbie

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    Re: C&D--N'AWLINS'

    Thanks for all the advice, everyone! I really appreciate it! I will send the validation letter above. N'awlins: let's say they don't reply and I send them the follow up letter stating that they're in violation of the FCRA, what then? I just reread their letter, and they're trying to collect for an old Sears MC that was c/o and unpaid.
  7. Cadillac408

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    Does sending a validation letter block them from actually putting this on your credit report? I sent a collection agency a validation letter recently and they are not on any of my report but put a hard inquiry on TU! :-|| Makes me sick!

    I guess if they do place this on my report after I disputed their claim and sent a validation letter, it's LAW SUIT CITY!

    "Cc: <insert name of lawyer>, Esquire"

    Who wants to be my lawyer? LOL!!!! Glenn King? HA!
  8. N'awlins

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    Re: Also...

    sue them
  9. keltex

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    Oh, yeah they will insert it.

    Actually NCO did a number on me just recently. 77$ bill from hospital in 1998. Sent 3 letters to verify, starting when I first received collection notice from NCO in 10/00.
    When I pulled my Equifax earlier this month, guess what was there? And TU? This account, reported as "Asset Care." Wha?

    I called the # listed for Asset Care-guess who-NCO.

    Two weeks later, get a letter from NCO, referencing an account # different from the "validation" that they sent me from the hospital (not a very detailed bill, but on hospital letterhead, showing I owed 77$).

    So, I requested validation. Got this inserted on my report. I wouldn't give them the courtesy of more than one letter, or 30 days. What about disputing at the same time with the CB?

    Lizard King or anyone else, any advice on where to go from here. Have a very confusing, non detailed "bill" on hospital letterhead. Entry onto Equifax and TransUnion. The date inserted is September 2000- and I have multiple reports showing that it was not in fact on my reports prior to March. Letter from NCO showing a different account # than one on "validation" proof. Any input is appreciated.
  10. Cadillac408

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    Re: MP$40

    Everytime I hear the letters N.C.O. I get so sick! I remember they were on my back for a defaulted student loan! Constant harrassment 24/7! I was so glad when I got that mess all cleared.

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