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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Dena, Apr 24, 2000.

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    About 10 years ago I had a credit card with Chase. It was a collection acct. I finally payed the acct off by sending 4 money orders. (no I do not have copies) in 97, a collection company called me stating I owed a ridiculous amount on behalf of this acct. I called chase who no longer has any record of me what so ever. I sent a dispute letter and a letter to this agency advising them to never contact me again. I am trying to by a home 2 of the bureaus have removed this from my credit, and this agency is harrassing me again. Is there any recourse since they have already received written request that they leave me alone?
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    Since this was a "collection account" Chase had sold it to the collection agency. If you can remember the name of the agency you sent the Money Orders to, get the records from them as to payments made. This new outfit/agency sounds like either a scam agency, or they took over the records of the old collection agency and made an error looking at the account info, or whoever received the money oeders cashed them and "hid" the account till the new company resurected it. If you can;t remember the old co. name, supeona the name of the source of this "owed credit card", ie who they bought the account from, continue to backtrace untill you get to the dates you paid off the account, the supoena the records. - Jim
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    I've been under the same circumstance. Owed a hospital bill that went to collections, paid it off only to have the collection agent "misplace" the payments...TWICE (Yet the funds alloted to the checks written were expunged from our acount. Query?). Anyway, and this is kind of a good but final trump card, but get you're dialogue to the company in writing AND include two enclosures at the bottom of the correspondence: One to the state Attorney General's office where the collection agency resides, the other would be the Federal Trade Commision that covers the region (Not all states have their own, and some have multi-state coverage). Worked for us. Haven't heard from anyone since (But don't do the smoke and mirror thing. You need to actually send the correspondece to the parties intended, including the AG and FTC indicated).

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