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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Ty, Apr 20, 2001.

  1. Ty

    Ty Guest

    Do anybody knows what do a cellular phone company do or look at when your apply over the phone for a cellular phone. I was amazed when I applied for MCI cell phone and the rep came back to tell me I was approved for up to 3 phones my credit has been good for about 17 months but not prior to that.
  2. Hal

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    How I hate cellphone companies

    I recently applied for Cingular, after receiving what appeared to be a nice offer for a plan and free phone, etc.
    The offer indicated "regardless of credit". The response I received was they were happy to approve me, and only needed a small deposit of $1000.00!!!

    Oh, I can't tell you how quickly I rushed to the phone to make deposit arrangments.

    What is ironic, is I have had an AT&T Wireless account for 6 years, reported monthly on my credit profile, NEVER A SINGLE LATE - and when AT&T set the account up for me, No deposit was required.

    I guess it just shows how different companies use different qualifications.

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