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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by popnsan, Feb 13, 2001.

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    My wife has a credit card account that was prevously being reported as charged off,however after we disputed the account one CRA is now reporting that the account has been written off,can anyone tell me the difference? ,and is it common for an account in charge off status to still accrue interest!!!
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    Charged off, written off - same difference. They've charged/written it off on their P&L ledger.

    A charge-off doesn't mean that you no longer owe it. You certainly may. If it's within the Statute of Limitations for that particular type of loan/credit, then you're liable. If they obtain a judgement during the SOL time, you're liable, essentially, forever (renewals to the judgement).

    And if you owe somebody money, whether it's been charged off or not, they have the right to add a reasonable amount of interest until it's paid off (check the original paperwork when you applied/signed for the loan/credit). Interest can double, triple, quadruple the original debt.
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    SOL for Georgia

    Can anyone tell me what is the SOL for Georgia ?
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    Re: SOL for Georgia

    Did you ever find out the SOL for georgia? I need bigtime help.
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    Re: SOL for Georgia

    thanks a million!!

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