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    I have/had a FIRST USA card account, It only had a limit of 1000.00. Due to major confusion, and apparently their error, but they will not admit to it, the balance is now 4000! I did not make alot of these charges, and have written, certified, disputing them. I just stopped paying the bill alltogether, I have sucessfully had the trade blocked from potential lenders on all 3 cra's so I don't care what they try to report, the ONLY thing I am concerned with, is once the account is charged off, do you think that FUSA will try to sue me, or just constantly harass me? If they will not try to sue me, then the hell with them. Oh, it was a LONG process to have the trade blocked on the CRA's I have made hundreds of calls, but got it done!
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    They will send collection agencies after you. Whom may sue. And will put collections on your report, hopefully your block can protect you!.

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    what happens when I dispute under the FDCPA when the collection agency contacts me, they send it back to the bank for verification? The 2200+ that FUSA added to my account is not mine, and i will not pay it!
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    I don't know. I just will tell you to expect, once charged off, some collection agency to start putting crap on your report. I have like one charge off for $1000 and 4 collection lines for the same account. Yes i'm starting to dispute them with junum, will they come off i don't know.

    Will they appear, i can't say for you, but be prepared to see something on your report. I think its totally unfair collection people can muddy your report so many times for the same debt.

    Good luck! Fight them and let us know what happens.

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