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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by roni, Nov 30, 2000.

  1. roni

    roni Well-Known Member

    The threads got kinda long, so I will address the question again. Please forgive the redundancy. Who was approved or denied for a chase card . When did you apply? And which card(classic,gold,or plat) did you apply for. Also if you dont mind, how is your credit? Smoochies.

  2. dave

    dave Well-Known Member

    RE: Upgrade talk

    You mentioned the 6 month upgrade. I thought I remembered you saying in a previous post to pick your card wisely, because they don't do upgrades/product changes. You have to apply for a whole other card.

    Please let us know if you were told/found out different.
  3. cpr

    cpr Guest

    Applied for Chase Platinum 07/00 and was approved. Not instant approval though. Took about 14 days to get card. Have never checked credit score but I guess can't be too bad.
  4. roni

    roni Well-Known Member

    RE: Upgrade talk

    ???. Yes, you do have to pick them wisely. But A rep told me that a review would be done in 6 months. They do upgrade. Oh I remember, I said that I could not upgrade like Citibank. I called and they told me to apply for a whole new card. I was trying to get a reg classic instead of the card.

  5. roni

    roni Well-Known Member

    does that mean you have no collections etc.

  6. Momof3

    Momof3 Well-Known Member


    Just looked over hubby's TU, he did apply in July of this year and got denied, I would assume b/c of the unpaid collection.

  7. sam

    sam Well-Known Member

    RE: correction

    denied: unpaid $45 collection (dont want to restart the clock).

    chase classic.

    (same time i was approved for citi)
  8. roni

    roni Well-Known Member

    RE: correction

    Thanks sam,
    Sound like unpaid collections are not getting past them.

  9. roni

    roni Well-Known Member

    Also Sam

    I dont know where you keep getting this info, but paying the debt can not restart the clock, especially for newer debts (1997 or newer).

  10. Cindy

    Cindy Well-Known Member


    I applied for the Classic card last month and got the big "NO BUZZER." I have a judgement (which I have made a settlement on and am currently paying), some paid collections (some of which went away in my last round of disputing!), and two annoying unpaid collections (which I am in the process of settling on). Like you, I am fairly sure that these are the big problem.

    Since July 1997, I have never been late on any of my tradelines. I was an authorized user on a Chase account in 1997-99 for credit building purposes....but they apparently didn't take that into account.
    I guess I'll stick w/Cap One and Marin for now.

  11. sam

    sam Well-Known Member

    RE: Also Sam

    Well my debts are all 96 or older, i guess im going by the old book :)

    I'm not touching a single creditor, since they all drop by 05-2003. I dont foresee needing to buy a house any time soon,(nor can afford), and with $6500 of credit lines, im more than satisfied.

    crap with citi and aria worked good i'll be over $10k in credit within a year.

    I think i owe $1100 total right now on all my cars due to crimmas, and that scares the heck out of me interest wise.
  12. cadman

    cadman Well-Known Member

    Denied, of course. I had a BK 7 - 05/93. I talked to customer service - "As long as a BK shows on your CR, you will be denied. Please feel free to re-apply in 2-1/2 years"
  13. roni

    roni Well-Known Member


    thanx for your input Cadman.

  14. cpr

    cpr Guest

    Yes, no collections.
  15. roni

    roni Well-Known Member

    thanks for you input.

  16. John Shimm

    John Shimm Guest

    RE: Also Sam

    Completely paying off (or settling for less as full settlement) will not "restart (any) clock", regardless of age.

    The "clock" referred to here is the seven year time period (+/- 180 days depending upon age of delinquency) that a derogatory item can be reported by a creditor on any of your (three) credit bureau histories. The "clock" begins at what is referred to as the 'original delinquency date' -- the date on which the account first became delinquent /b{and never again became current}. By paying it off, it's not "current", nor does it change the original delinquency date. The STATUS of the account will be changed to something similar to "PAID/WAS CHARGE-OFF" or whatever the previous status was, but the original delinquency date WILL NOT CHANGE. This goes for any debt that was settled for less than the orignal amount (i.e., a $5k debt for a repossession on a car that you agreed to pay $2500 as the settlement in full) as well.

    HOWEVER -- making payment ARRANGEMENTS for an old debt CAN restart the clock, because you are essentially bringing the account "back to current status" (no longer delinquent) -- and therefore it's considered current, but the old history (depending upon age) of the SAME account can remain.

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