Chase or Citi?

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by the other, Mar 22, 2001.

  1. the other

    the other Well-Known Member

    Anybody get a chase or citibank card with approx. 1 year of credit history?

    My sister has had a providian secured for almost a year and recently got "preapproved" offers from both Citibank and Chase. I'm just wondering if she has a shot?
  2. Geo

    Geo Well-Known Member

    Yes I got both after a year with the Cap One secured. I applied for them Online, not preapproved
  3. Michael

    Michael Guest

    Most of my clients that applied for Citbank were approved for a $2,500.00 limit.

    Chase denied them all, when asked why, they were told Chase required a 3 yr credit history!
  4. SEAN

    SEAN Well-Known Member

    The Other,

    I would recommend Citibank..I have a platinum select card with Citi. Good customer service, nice credit line, and low APR.

  5. Mike

    Mike Well-Known Member

    I have Platinum cards from both companies, but based on other people's experiences on this board and people I've spoken to, I think Citibank cards are easier to get. I don't think you need a 3 year history to get a Chase card because I got a Platinum card from them only after 1 year of credit history.
  6. dave

    dave Well-Known Member

    I think citibank's pre-approved offers mean what they say. I got two offers and ended up being approved for both. The only way that I think you could be denied is if your credit record suddenly tanked between the time you were pre-screened for the offer and the time you apply.
  7. Ron

    Ron Well-Known Member

    the other,
    If your sister get pre-approved from Citibank,she may get the card without employment, phone vertification. I like Citibank and don't like Chase because they mess with customers.

    GEORGE Well-Known Member

  9. sam

    sam Well-Known Member

    citibank approved two of my close friends with 7 months, and 9 months of new credit under the belt, instantly.

    They are easy for credit newbies and definitely recommended.
  10. the other

    the other Well-Known Member

    I told her if she was feeling daring, she could apply for both. I also told her I think she has a better shot at Citibank.

    I personally have both, but I didn't get them when I was that new to credit. I had about about 2 years under my belt (I think) when I got my Citibank card and got Chase a little over a year ago.

    Citibank has been good to me, but I also like my Chase card because the rate is only prime+1.4, and currently they had not been charging extra to use their convenience checks. But as of April 1, they are changing the convenience check and balance transfer terms. They are no going to charge $50 for a balance transfer.
  11. S.D.

    S.D. Guest

    I take it that you have to have at least 1 year of established credit and NO negatives on your report to qualify? Or is it just as long as you have a year of positive revolving credit?

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