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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by dlo64, Aug 26, 2001.

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    In my mail yesterday I received an invitation to apply for the Chase Platinum MC. A couple of weeks ago I received a prior solicitation for a Chase Platinum Visa. They both have the same terms. The only difference being that for the MC you have to fill out the invitation certificate and mail it in and on the Visa I have the option of either mailing ther cert. in or applying online with my "Invitation Number."

    The APR gets a little confusing. There are different cards and pricing options. There is the "Preferred Pricing" for Platinum or the Platinum with "Alternate Pricing" or Standard Card. Then there is the "Non-Standard Pricing." Supposedly there is a Platinum card and a Platinum card with "Alternate Pricing." There is also non-preferred pricing for the standard card that can run up to 21.99%. Get this, then there is the standard card with non-preferred pricing with alternate pricing that can reach up to 25.99%. OMG, reading this is making me dizzy. As I am reading this further, it looks as though their non-preferred pricing must be the rate if you default/make late payments. I have never been so confused reading the "fine print" of the terms and conditions of a credit app. Some of the terms look sub-prime although it is my understanding that Chase is a prime card.

    I clearly know I do not qualify for a Platinum card much less a Standard card with Chase being one year post Chap. 7 BK. For some reason though, Chase continues to solicit me. I think it is the fact that when I filed, most of my cards were at a zero balance and were not filed and are in good standing today. I have opened a new bank card account, a new car loan, and three secured installment loans since the BK. They have to be getting my name from PRM inquiries. The funny thing is that they are supposed to pull TU from what I have found, yet there are no PRM's for Chase on either my TU or EX reports. Could it be EQ? I am still waiting for an updated report from EQ as there was an address/stall issue on EQ's part. The solicitation I received yesterday is the fourth one this year. Anyone with a Chase post BK? Why do they keep sending these darned invitations?

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