Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by zip, May 16, 2001.

  1. zip

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    hi, I just recieved an invitation to apply for the Chase Plat card. I realize this is just an invite but I am thinking about applying. I think they check TU and I have that judgement that I am currently disputing on that report, also lots of inquires and my debt ratio is at or around 50%. Should I even bother??I think that the judgement may hurt me, thats the only bad thing on that report.thanks
  2. Donna

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    If you're really longing for this card, you might give it a shot.

    Chase did check Transunion for me. I'm in California and, like you, Transunion is my best of the three. The only negative I have on there is a 90-day late from Providian. Fortunately, though, Chase overlooked that and granted me a card.

    If you do apply, good luck.


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