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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Cadillac408, Sep 25, 2000.

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    O.k. so check this out:

    I applied for the Cheveron card (in hopes of at least getting approved for the credit builders card) and they received my application on 8/20, ran a credit check on 8/28 and I haven't heard a thing from the since! So, I just called the 1-800 FreeApp number and it told me to call (801) 743-2030 to check the status of my application. I spoke w/ an agent and he stated that my application was received and materials for the Credit Builder card were sent out shortly afterwards (I guess this is a good sign!) but I never received anything (is this a bad sign?). He verified my address, etc. and told me that he would re-process and send out the information. He stated that I should get the information w/in a week. Anyone else have any similar problems? I am very thorough with my mail so this bothers me. least he said that I was approved for the credit builders card (which is good).

    Anyone have this card? What is the difference between that and the regular card? I would be happy if they gave me a card w/ a $200 limit. I have a Cadillac DeVille w/ a 20 gal tank that only uses 92 octane! :-( It costs me about $40 or less to fill up and that's once a week! I guess plan B is to use my Am/Ex card. I'm basically looking for ways to build my credit back by charging just about anything I can and then pay it at the end of the month. I can pay cash for gas, groceries, etc. but that's not getting me anywhere.
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    RE: Cheveron Credit Builder Ca

    I have the credit build card but never had the regular card. I have been trying figure out the difference between the two. Looks like both have high APR's.

    Oh yes, maybe a difference is the minimun payment. (This shouldnt matter since you will pay in full each month.) But they required me to pay almost 30% of my balance. Also, they required a $30 deposit for a $300 limit.

    Like you in the future I will pay in full each month to build credit. (After only 1 month, the account was my Experian report.)
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    credit score

    I recently in the past year got my credit back after about 10 years of not being able to get any credit. Well everything came off my credit report and it is like starting over.I know my beacon score is 609 and fair isaac score is 615 and empirica score is 624.I in the last year have had 16 inquiries on my credit report.They are for credit cards that i applied for and never got.I did not realize that these would stay on for 2 years. Is there anything i can do to get them removed.I can't seem to get a card with limit higher than 500. What do i need to do to get a card with a higher limit.
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    RE: credit score

    Although inquiries will remain on your report for 2 years, they have little impact on your credit score after 6 months. According Fair, Isaacs, the inquiry factor only accounts for 10% of your score. So this is not a big deal.
    Getting cards with high limits will take time. I suggest Providian because you get generous credit line increases.
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    RE: credit score

    Todd, see my posting a few days back A+ CREDIT IN 15 MONTHS, It's worked for some of my clients with no credit and it can work for you!

    Just fit your credit profile to the equivilant area on my meathod, example you have a $500.00 card so skip the Secured card.

    Only thing is your should wait about 5 months and let those inquiries die down as this will cause a denial, in the mean time keep your payments all current!

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