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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Killer, Sep 8, 2000.

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    I received my first statement today and boy did I get a surprise! Because of my damaged credit, I was glad to receive this card. I needed a gas card because my job requires me to travel. I am required to purchase my gas and turn in receipts. But now I charge on my Chevron card and turn in a copy of my statement. So getting a gas card was a great solution for me. I was so was elated to get a gas card, I didn't notice all the details. Guess what? The minimum payment ain't no chump change. I charged $284.00 and my minimum payment is $85.00! Now this is not problem for me because my employer will give me check for the whole thing. However, for others please be aware!
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    RE: Chevron Credit Builder...S

    Killer.. I carry a Diamond Shamrock and Texaco. I never ever recommend carrying a balance on these hi apr traps. They are convenient, but be sure to pay in full each month. My DS card requires full each month anyways.


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    Besides, if you only paid the minimum (ie: 50.00) and you're at your limit, you would only be able to buy gas once the following month and no gas any other month. Now you have a maxed out card and no gas.
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    Yes the minimums on those types of cards can be a bit high, often 25-30 % of the balance. It's better to pay these in full each month. Do you really want to pay interest on gasoline, probably not. Allthough I'm sure it came as quite a shock. My son recieved a card from chevron too, he charged around 100 dollars but payed it off right away. He too will be using it for work related expenses. A good way to build credit, and not have to pay it yourself, (employer reimbursment).
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    Thanx to all for your comment. That's why I like this site. I am learning so much!

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