Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Stormie, Aug 6, 2000.

  1. Stormie

    Stormie Guest

    Awhile ago my son applied for the Chevron card, and was approved for their credit builders program. He had to sign their counter offer and send it back in along with the annual fee , as per their agreement. He was told it would take a week or two. He wanted me to ask , as their were several of you here who had applied and recieved the same offer. How long did it take to recieve your cards, or are you still waiting ? Thanks
  2. James

    James Guest


    I was approved this same card. I mailed my fee( money order) via certified mail and they got it 2 weeks ago. However, I not received the card yet.
  3. Crashman26

    Crashman26 Guest

    I am still waiting too =(
  4. Stormie

    Stormie Guest

    Did both of you send money orders ? Did you contact chevron ? My son sent his in delivery confirmation, and they recieved it almost two weeks ago I think. He sent a personal check, he's watching to see when it clears his bank. Hopefully they are not too behind.
  5. Crashman26

    Crashman26 Guest

    I sent a money order by Express Mail. They received it July 24, 2000. I called on July 25, 2000 and they did confirm receipt of the payment (Postal Money Order) and stated that I should receive my cards in 7-14 business days.
  6. Stormie

    Stormie Guest

    great, thanks for replying i'll pass that information along. I guess it hasn't been long enough then being it's up to 14 business days. Hope you get yours soon. Keep us posted. If Joe gets his soon, i'll post to let you know.
  7. RichGuy

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    Chevron can be Slow

    I returned a pre-approved offer for the regular (no annual fee) Chevron card about six weeks ago. It took at least five weeks to get the card, the longest wait I have ever had for any credit card.
  8. Stormie

    Stormie Guest

    RE: Chevron can be Slow

    Wow , that is a longtime. I wonder why they take so long ? Well at least you got it, I hope it doesn't take Joe that long to recieve his LOL
  9. Crashman26

    Crashman26 Guest

    I just received my card

    I just received myt card on Friday Aug 11, exactly 14 business days after they received my money order.
  10. Jo

    Jo Guest

    How do I apply for a Chevron card?

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