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    I saw someone post about this earlier, I need to order my reports from these company's. What are the websites and/or tele #'s so I can do that.


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    ChexSystems Letter for MP$40

    DaveLV | 329 posts since Mar 2001 | 04.30.2001 @ 15:52

    This is the letter I used to dispute my CHEX listing which was deleted this week.

    March 28, 2001

    Customer Relations
    12005 Ford Road Suite 600
    Dallas, TX 75234

    To Whom It May Concern:

    My bank has informed me that there is negative information reported by Glendale Federal
    Bank included in the file ChexSystems maintains under my Social Security number. Upon
    ordering a copy of the report, I see an entry from this bank listing a "debit card revoked" in
    March 1997.

    I do not recall having a debit card from this bank in 1997.

    Please validate this information with Glendale Federal Bank and provide me with copies of
    any documentation associated with this "debit card" bearing my signature. In the absence
    of any such documentation bearing my signature I ask that this information be immediately
    deleted from the file you maintain under my Social Security number.

    My contact information is as follows: Name, SSN: xxx-xx-xxxx, Address.


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    The website is George reposted the dispute letter I used to clear my Chex report a couple of weeks ago. It felt nice to walk into the credit union the next business day to open an account. When the new accounts person was pulling up the Chex report on their PC I got to play dumb and ask "What are you doing there?"

    Of course, if anything had still shown up (which didn't happen) I had the letter from Chex telling me about the deletion along with a printout of my clean report in my back pocket. Just in case.

    Good luck!

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