ChexSystems - any experience?

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Ender, Mar 20, 2001.

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    Anyone have any experience with Chexsystems? I have two listings on there.. one for NFS and another for "negligent handling". Neither were directly my fault.. it's a long story, but I am trying to get rid of both of those now.

    How far will a dispute as "not mine" work? I sent in a dispute for just one of them, and was hoping to get rid of that first.. it is PAID and settled as well. Also, the other listing has my name spelled wrong.. once the first one comes off, i was going to dispute the remaining one w/ the mispelling..

    anyone have guesses if this will work? Anyone have experience dealing w/ chexsystems? BTW, these are supposed to fall off june 2002 because of 5 years.. but i was hoping to get them off 1 year earlier, or even have a successful lawsuit like lizardking..
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    Re: ChexSystems - any experien

    I think ChexSystems is the most difficult CRA to with which to deal. There records are reasonably accurate and banks generally do a better job of keeping records than your run of the mill collection agency. Send a letter demanding validation and most banks can send proof that it is or was your account.

    However, there is one situation that you can sometimes play to your advantage. Has the bank that is reporting you been bought by another bank? If there has been a bank merger and your account was with the acquired bank there is a chance that the records may not be found. I had a client who had an account with Coast Federal, which was bought by Home Savings and Loan, which was subsequently bought by Washington Mutual. When I called Washington Mutual Loss Prevention about the account I was told that they had no record of the account and, because it was a Coast Fed account originally, they probably would never find the account. I thanked the woman and promptly instituted a dispute for my client with ChexSystems. The record was removed.

    I have heard of one other way of disputing and it has had mixed success. Occasionally a bank may list as its address its main corporate office, not the branch in which you held the account. Dispute it by saying that you never had an account with "ABC" Bank in "XYZ" city. (Don't tell them where you had the account). Sometimes the dispute will merely come back corrected and other times the bank won't verify. It depends.
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    Re: ChexSystems - any experien

    No, neither the banks have been involved in mergers.. I am still waiting for Chex to reply back to me.. it has been about 25 days.. if i don't get a response, I plan on sending letter #2, then letter #3.. so over the next 60 days, if I don't get a response.. I think I will try the sue route like lizardking has done..

    LK - do u think it is also possible w/ chex?

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