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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Nite Owl, Nov 9, 2000.

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    I would like any advice anyone here may have on this situation, especially if anyone has had experience with something similar.

    I recently discovered that I have a Chexsystems report for an account closed by Norwest bank in 1998. This was a business account for a business that went under. Two checks, written to me by clients, were returned NSF after the business had already closed, and thus overdrew the account.

    The reason I only recently found out about the Chexsystems report is that I have and have had a Bank One account since way before this business fiasco, so I have never needed to apply for an account and thus never found out about Chexsystems. Now I would like to change banks from Bank One and have found that I cannot.

    The Norwest branch is now owned by Wells Fargo. I contacted them today and was told that they would not remove the Chexsystems report even if I paid the balance owed. I was perfectly blunt, although friendly, to the bank representative, and I explained to her that I was frankly hesitant to give up the only bargaining chip in my possession (the money) unless and until they could offer me something. In other words, if my situation would be no better off for paying them, what would be my motivation to do so anytime soon? She was very friendly, but still stood her ground that they would not remove the report. She did advise me to take the issue up with the bank manager, however, and see if she might possibly be able to make a deal of some kind.

    Since she was out today, I am expecting to speak to the manager tomorrow. Before I get on the phone and blow anything, I would really like to hear from anyone here who may have some advice to offer regarding what I should or should not say, etc. Should I try to be firm and take a "I have the money and you want it, so make me a deal" kind of approach? Should I just throw myself on her mercy and beg? Any negotiating tips would be very much appreciated!

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    RE: Chexsystems / negotiating

    I am in a similar situation also. My ex messed up our joint checking account in 10/97. I found out about what he did (he smoked up the rent money so he did a phony deposit for $1000 to cover our $900 rent...then went and wrote a check for the rent and they cashed it that night so the check cleared and the rest is history) and after the bank did their *investigation* and found that no money was deposited and that they basically wanted their money (the account was overdrawn $900+), I ran to the credit union and opened up an account before I couldn't open up one anywhere.

    Now earlier when I was paying off old debts, etc. I called BofA and basically offered to pay the money if they removed me from Chexsysytems (I wanted to change banks) and they said that for me to get removed that I would have to pay the money and then write a letter to Account Relations and plead my case and MAYBE they would remove me. Yeah.....right! I didn't fall for it. I shouldn't of even called because now 3 years later I just received a notice from a collection agency called E.R. Solutions, Inc. in Renton, WA regarding the past due money. I guess I woke up a sleeping dog. This entry is no were on my credit....that's why I never paid it. Furthermore, I'm not the one responsible for the money (in my eyes), my ex is...but I guess since it was a joint account, legally we are both responsible. Oh well....
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    What I suggest...

    So, I didn't know that Chexsystems operates like Equifax and the others in regards to disputing, etc. I've read on this board that people have disputed their chexsystems entries and have had them removed due to 'no response'. Maybe it's worth a shot...order a copy of your report and then dispute it and see what happens....

    I might consider doing this, seeing that I've already disturbed the dog.

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