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    Hey guys,
    I was working in an IT company for the past few years, but I was very fond of starting a food business. I was very passionate about cooking, so at a certain point, I started to think about making it my profession. Now, I resigned from my job, and I was about to start my food business. But you know, to start an enterprise by your own is something difficult. We have to invest a lot of money on it. After completing the construction and interior works of the building, my bank balance got empty. I need more money for buying various appliances like glass door refrigerator, a true 2 door freezer and various necessary appliances needed for running a restaurant. So I need to find more fund. So I'm thinking about to get some amount by financing my building. I have gone through various sites of mortgage dealings, the policies and strategies seem to be similar in all sites. But the mortgage rates vary from one agency to another. So how can I choose the best mortgage rate? What are the criteria's I should check for? I know this forum has many experts in the field of finance. Can someone please help me. I would be grateful for your thoughts on this.

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