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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by RichGuy, Apr 19, 2001.

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    On Tuesday, I received my CITGO card in the mail. It only took about a week after I applied. I'm getting a lot more comfortable with these "7 to 10 days" messages. Both Spiegel and CITGO have now given me that message and then sent me a card.

    In my favor, I had the fact that Associates is a bit freer with its gas cards than are Monogram (Exxon/Mobil) or Chevron. I was declined for Exxon in November or December 2000, and know for a fact that they pulled Experian, my worst report. When I got my first Texaco preapproval in 2/2000, they also pulled Experian, so CITGO may have done the same. Experian is dominant here in Arizona, almost a monopoly it seems sometimes.

    The terms on my CITGO card are NOT identical to those on my Texaco and Shell cards. The minimum payment is 5% rather than 3%. Also, the limits were higher. For purchases, the limit is $500 versus $300 for my Texaco and Shell cards. For cash advances, the separate limit is $250, versus $150 for the others.

    Hope this helps anyone who wants a gas card. However, none of the Associates gas cards seem to get reported, so this isn't a way to build your credit history. The credit itself is the primary advantage, since it takes some of the load off of your bank cards. A minor advantage would be the feedback. If you get approved online for CITGO, you know you aren't in the basement anymore. :)
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    My brother got a Citgo card from pre-approval and he used it once ot twice for last four years because the Associates didn't report the account history for credit bureaus and we didn't have too much Citgo station nearby. I had the Shell Credit card and they never report to the credit bureaus.


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