Citi AA approval, How Wierd!!

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by PSUgirl, Jun 29, 2001.

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    I have previously posted my past history with citibank:

    I applied for a citi platinum select card a couple months ago, was denied.

    I applied for a citi AA card, was denied.

    I applied for a Citi student card...I was told to send verification of enrollment.

    I was approved for the citi student card, 900.00

    I then cleaned up my transunion report (which citi bank pulls for me) and I asked trans union to send all creditors an updated copy of my report.

    I started to get letters in the mail about reconsiderations. I got 2 from citi. After a while, i was approved for a limit of 2500 on the citi platinum select and a limit of 1000 on the AA card.

    Now i had 3 citi cards, with no extra inquires.

    I decided to combine my cards. I did with NO problem and kept my citi platinum dividend card, new credit line 4400.00. at 2.9 for 9 months for BT's no annual fee....blah blah...

    So, I was curious to see if citi would give me another card since i closed the other two and just kept one. (someone told me that you can have a max of 3 cards with citi)so...i applied for the citi AA card. It gave me a message saying that more time is needed for processing of my application (so i thought, denial)

    I get my mail today, there is a card from citibank. Citi AA, 1000 limit.

    I instantly called to see if i can combine, was combined with no problem. So, i closed the Citi AA, kept the Citi platinum....New credit line 5400!
    (the highest credit card I have)

    Now my credit situation is:
    Capital one, 3000 limit
    Citi Platinum 5400 limit
    GM card 1500 limit
    Household Card 1500 limit
    Discover classic 1000 limit
    GMAC auto loan 15584.70

    I tell you, Citi bank is the very easy to work with, they dont give you hassels!

  2. Jim

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    Are you an Economics or Finance major at Penn State?? LOL

    Best wishes - Jim
  3. PSUgirl

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    Funny Jim!

    Actually, I was a Business Management and International Business Major, But... Changed to Business Management Major with a minor in Speech Communications!

  4. Jim

    Jim Well-Known Member

  5. PSUgirl

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    Jim your the man...

    Your so sweet its unbelievable.

  6. PSUgirl

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    Wow, I for got to add my two store charges:
    Spiegel 400 limit
    NY and Company fashion charge 250.00 limit


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