Citi Aadvatage Cards

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Bill B, Sep 19, 2001.

  1. Bill B

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    Hello All,
    This card should be fairly easy to get i would beleive.
    I have a score of 673 and i applied for the silver and got $6,500 and the gold gave me $5,000..Also my wife has done this with a score of 633 and received $3,000 for the silver and $5,000 for the gold..Now within the next week we will have each set of cards comined into one, And then ask to be converted over to the platinum select..Then we will each have a platinum select card for $11,500 And $8,000...This is way to cool and i need to thank Saar And Sam for the help in this as they are the master minds.....I just wanted to bring this up into one post incase any of you have missed it...

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