Citi APR increase

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Calypso, Aug 25, 2003.

  1. Calypso

    Calypso Well-Known Member

    Just raised from prime +3.9 to prime + 5.9


    Anybody else? I'm really irked right now.
  2. Platinum

    Platinum Well-Known Member

    Yeah me too Calypso...
    But I am not worried...It's their loss...
    I do not carry balances anyway...and I do have some better cards with free rewards and lower APR...
  3. catnap1972

    catnap1972 Well-Known Member

    I've got prime + 4.99 right now.

    Seems like they're aiming for right around 10%+up so that'll probably be jacked up soon.
  4. Calypso

    Calypso Well-Known Member

    Yup. I saw your post right after I wrote mine. At least you kept your dignity by not calling and dealing with rude, ridiculous reps, spouting preposterous nonsense about random targeting.

    Retention told me that I could call back in a couple of months and it would "probably" be lowered.

    I don't carry a balance either, but it is the principal that infuriates me.

    Oh well. If Citi wants to alienate long-time customers, it is their prerogative.

    I agree with you-- Their loss!
  5. RichGuy

    RichGuy Well-Known Member

    They tried to reprice me from P+5.9 and P+7.9 to 19.9%, but I actually ended up with a lower average interest rate.

    GEORGE Well-Known Member


    4.90% BT...they said I can't get the 3.90% BT (at this time)...MUST BE ONE OF THOSE "TARGETED" DEALS...(LIKE UA AND DELTA DO FOR "SOME" PEOPLE)---2 X OR 3 X MILES
  7. Calypso

    Calypso Well-Known Member

    Bumping an old thread to report my success (thanks to Marci's R number)

    Called regular Customer Service and was told emphatically that prime+5.99 was the "BEST RATE Citi offers now) I insisted that I had been promised my rate would be lowered to prime + 3.99 once the new hike took affect. No luck.

    Found the R number and a very nice, helpful rep came through for Citi. Nice to see them live up to verbal promises.

    I don't know why I care (since I would only carry a balance under a BT offer).

    I really appreciate the great info on this board.
  8. Platinum

    Platinum Well-Known Member

    I've been finally successful with their "R" department too. I called to close the account and nice lady pleased me to stay and got me 0% APR on purchases and BT for 6 months, thereafter Prime + 2.99%.

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