Citi Card---What Scores?

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by CASPER72, Aug 27, 2001.

  1. CASPER72

    CASPER72 Well-Known Member

    I am wanting to know what kind of scores are everybody using to get all of these citi bank credit cards.

  2. breeze

    breeze Well-Known Member

    I suspect a lot of it is the incomes they are putting on the app. High income is overcoming low scores.

    GEORGE Well-Known Member

  4. sam

    sam Well-Known Member

    603 to 621 , no derogs > 1996, all balances paid on all derogs ($0) reporting.
  5. CASPER72

    CASPER72 Well-Known Member

  6. Nave

    Nave Well-Known Member

    Well to answer my own question for the board's benefit:

    I am not sure if the pulled TU or Eq for me but I got 2 AA MC cards today (Silver and Gold) for a total of $13,000.

    On TU I have no positives TU wiped them all off in my last round (well they list my newest items...a 5 month cap one with no limit and a FNANB too early to rate) and I have no negatives. Don't know score but I had a 45 WorthNothing score if that doesn't help.

    On EQ I have 5 derogs (2 Public record 2CA info's 2 negative items under credit account info and 4 positives (FNANB too new, Cap1 5 mos, and 2 closed accounts)

    Per Sam and Saar, I disputed items on Eq online prior to applying for the cards.

    Hope the info helps someone. If you are close go for it!

    -Peace, Dave
  7. Mike2

    Mike2 Well-Known Member

    I got the "talk to ya later" message when I applied last night after reading all the success stories. I'm 594 on Equifax. At least I was last month. Might be a tad higher now. I should have known better, but got carried away with all the success stories.
  8. Kitty

    Kitty Well-Known Member

    They pulled Experian for me (636) but somehow for credit line increase, they pull TU.

    I got approved for Citi AA (10,000 limit), I have an existing Citi Plat Select Dividend (9,400.00 limit). I tried for the Sony Platinum but they told me that the minimum credit line they would give me would exceed my income ratio...what a bummer! Sent a letter to Planetfeedback but have not heard a word.

    Wish me luck.

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