Citi Switch---What did we do wrong?

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by akg, Nov 20, 2001.

  1. akg

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    After reading several posts on this board, my husband applied online for the Citi AA Silver and Citi AA Gold cards. Both online applications were approved for a $5,000 and a $6,000 credit lines respectively. When he called today to combine the cards into one "Platinum" product, he was told that wasn't allowed. What did we do wrong? Is there a special 800 number to call? I can't imagine that so many other people have been successful, and we've been denied. Can anyone help?

  2. PsychDoc

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    Re: Citi Switch---What did we do wr

    First, convert. Then combine.

    Step 1: Call back. Convert one of the cards to Citi Platinum Select. Tell them that when you applied you didn't realize that American Airlines doesn't even service the areas you fly very well. If the customer service rep doesn't play ball, call back at a different time the next day. Somebody will do it for you. Wait two or three days.

    Step 2: Call back again. Convert the other card to a Citi Divident Platinum Select card (same family of cards, different product).

    Step 3: Now you've got (hopefully) a Citi Platinum Select card and a Citi Dividend Platinum Select card as well. Wait a day or two and call back again. "You know, the Dividend card just isn't for me -- the APR is too high, and it's likely that we're not going to benefit from the program. Let's just combine that card with our Citi Platinum Select."

    They should play ball.


    P.S. I successfully converted a regular AA card to a Citi Platinum Select. I have NOT yet applied for a second card or attempted to combine, so take this posting as my suggestion only. Hopefully one of the Citi Wizards among us will comment with something more solid.
  3. Bill B

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    Re: Citi Switch---What did we do wr

    Why dont you call and tell them you want to combine your gold into your silver aa card for the 11k limit..Then convert your silver card over to a platinum select with a 11,000 credit limit..
  4. Pinto

    Pinto Well-Known Member

    I think that the csr had been under the influence of crack when you called; the request can be processed.

    The only reason there may be an issue would be: the accounts are so new that adjustments can't be made yet, a default(probably impossible since they're brand new), or if it's the aal world card(but those should be combinable).

    Did they give you an explaination as to why?
  5. SisterGirl

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    If you called 1-888-766-2484,they CANNOT change it to a non-affinity card.

    The correct # to call is 1-800-950-5114,& will be done on the spot.

    Something similar happened to me a couple of weeks ago,& I dialed the affinity card customer service # was told "I could apply for a Platinum product...(what?).

    Let us know.

    Sister Girl
  6. Saar

    Saar Banned

    Re: Citi Switch---What did we do wr

    You always give excellent advice, Doc, but this time I have to disagree.

    Combine first, then convert. Only 2 changes that can be done on a single phone call. DON'T TELL THEM ANY STORIES, you do not need their consent to do this; This is standard procedure just like reporting an address change.

    They must agree to do it & have no deliberation. We've had many "moral" debates here over whether it's ok to bluff when "necessary". That discussion is moot here because it would be absolutely unnecessary.

    Combining 2 cards & then converting = only 2 changes & 2 obsolete cards.
    Converting 2 cards & then combining = 3 changes & 3 obsolete cards.

    The fewer the changes, the smaller the chance for a screw up.

  7. PsychDoc

    PsychDoc Well-Known Member

    Re: Citi Switch---What did we do wr

    I defer to you on this one. :)

  8. topazmoon

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    Re: Citi Switch---What did we do wr

    Definitely call Citibank back and speak to another CSR. I talked my roommate into applying for a citi AAdvantage Silver and Gold this weekend. She was approved for both at $6000 and $5000 at 15.9% APR. On Tuesday, at my suggestion, she called and converted both cards to Platinum Dividend and dropped the annual fees and drop the interest rates to 13.4% with no problems.

    The CSR also told her she could request an online credit limit increase after six months and combine the accounts into one. After being treated rudely by First Union, she was amazed and pleased by Citibank's customer service.
  9. Bill B

    Bill B Well-Known Member

    Re: Citi Switch---What did we do wr

    Next time you could just combine the silver and gold into one card and then convert to platinum select..This way you will have one account with a nice credit limit.,And after 60 days you could do it all again.......
  10. author_22

    author_22 Well-Known Member

    Re: Citi Switch---What did we do wr

    First Union is the height of rude.

    A woman named Sherri B.... is a total wench. She called my house insulting me and my credit report to my brother, and wrote me three letters calling me a liar and other names.

    I will NEVER do business with them. I still have half a mind to send her a really threatening letter so the damn inquiry gets off.
  11. topazmoon

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    Re: Citi Switch---What did we do wr

    Amen about First Union!

    My roommate has had an account with them since 1983. No late payments...never over the limit...never maxed out. For the most part she had no complaints except for the 18% interest she was paying on the account.

    However last month, her credit union offered her a credit card with a limit of $15,000 at 9.9% fixed. She decided to call First Union and to see if they could match the offer since she was such a good customer. First Union turned her down because she was using too much of her credit limit (she owes $6000 on a $10,000 limit), but offered to bump her limit up to $16,000 to "improve" her scores. Needless to say she was angry especially when she pointed out that First Union was offering new applicants 13.9% and she was a long time customer with 18 years of perfect payments. The CSR basically told her she could take or leave the credit limit increase, but no decrease in the apr.

    My roommate told the CSR that she would be closing her account as soon as she bt the balance to a new card and the CSR started pointing out that balance transfers involved huge fees, that credit card offers were not guaranteed and that First Union would hate to see her leave. My roommate's reply..."you should have thought of that before you turned me down flat and tried to bribe me with a credit increase" and hung up.

    A week later First Union sent her a letter "denying" her for the credit limit increase that "she" had requested. That same day she applied for the credit union card and was approved. She wanted to close the First Union account, but I've convinced her to keep it open and just use it occasionally and pay it in full each month. I told her she'd be a fool to toss a 18 year old credit history with a perfect record away.
  12. MartysGirl

    MartysGirl Well-Known Member

    Re: Citi Switch---What did we do wr


    Do you know what your husbands score was when he got the card? If you don't mind.... what all did he have on his CR when he got the card?

  13. roni

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    Re: Citi Switch---What did we do wr

    I triple the AMEN about first union. I was a bank customer and I dont deal with them anymore.

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