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    Thought I would warn everyone that the customer service reps are evidently clueless when it comes to rebate issues.

    I called to switch my Driver's Edge card to a different rebate program about a year ago and the rep talked me out of it because I would lose the rebates I had.
    I specifically asked if Drivers Edge accounts could be pooled on a single car purchase if both card holders were listed on title. She assured me that they could. So I kept the darn thing.

    Now I bought a car, and the rebate department told me that customer service misinformed me and that there is nothing I can do. Worse, I called cust service when I ordered the rebate form and asked how long after the purchase I had to turn in the forms and was blithely informed that "there is no time limit" Of course, by now I was wiser and I had them send the forms which clearly state that there is indeed a 60 day time limit.

    Sheesh. It seems that by now I would remember my own mantra-- Get it in writing. But when cust serv reps sound so assured, I forget that they blow smoke and then don't have to live with their statements. A similar thing happened with Verizon and a new cell phone last week (the rep told me I could choose a custom number after I activated (and was legally on the hook) which turned out to be total XX.

    Get it in writing.
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    Two more thoughts--

    Has anyone actually been successful in getting customer service to put a claim in writing?

    I suppose they would refuse, but upon pressing would refer you to the proper department who could at least mail you the legal terms of service so that you could read them yourself.

    Which, of course, is what I should have done.

    2nd. I probably will simply end up spinning my wheels on this (pun intended), but which avenue do you think would have the better chance of compensation-- Retention, PFB, or ??

    I doubt I will get anywhere, but I am extremely irked.

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