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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by anon, Nov 16, 2000.

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    To Sam

    This is about youre wanting to upgrade to the platinum card. This may sound a little weird but it sounds like the representative you spoke to was a little bit mixed up. To upgrade to the Gold card you need a 5,000 limit. But to upgrade to the platinum card you only need a 1,000 limit. I know that sounds weird but its because by the time the platinum card was introduced (which was two years after the gold card) citibank had changed there minds on the limit requirements for their cards. It sounds like the representative you where talking to didnt know what they where talking about. If you call them back they should be able to upgrade you to the platinum card very easily.
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    RE: Roni, RE: Citibank or Asso

    Roni-- the annual fee on mine is $50. I responded to a mail offer rather than apply at the website. This is for the world aadvantage gold card. It also came with 10,000 bonus miles.
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    RE: To Sam

    Welcome back Citibank rep!

    Is the Platinum Select really harder to get than the silver AAdvantage ?

    Can you shed some light on the many cases we've read here, all those who received "your application was declined" letter, and still got the cards for which they had applied?

    Any insight on Citi's application process/ standards is welcome.

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    RE: To Sam

    There may be two reasons. In the last two months citibank has been trying to get into the subprime market. That is part of the reason why they bought associates. Because associates has allot more experience with subrime cards than we do. I believe they reviewed the applications twice. Once with citibanks application approval criteria and once with associates approval criteria. The other reason is that our representatives manually go over some of the applications that where denied (the ones that where very close to being approved) to see if there is any way we can apporve them. They did have a system error where some denial letters where sent out by our automatic system before those representatives got a chance to review the applications. because of this some where approved after they got those denial letters.

    The platinum select is harder to apply for than the silver aadvantage because you have to have a higher income level to get that card. However, there is a way around this. If you apply for the clasic card, or silver addvantage and get approved with a limit of over 1,000 you can upgrade you card to the platinum card. keep in mind this is not the aadvantage platinum card. to upgrade youre account tp a addvantage world platinum card you have to establish a six month payment history with citibank where you have made payments over 50% of youre balance each month. The world mastercard is the highest level mastercard you can possibly attain.

    If you want to apply for the world mastercard you have to have an excellent credit history and that credit history has to show that you like to pay youre accounts off every month and that you dont like to carry a balance.
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    Thank you

    Thank you. That is very valuable information. I believed all along that citi was trying to get a part of the subprime market. There is alot of money to be made there. Just look at Providian. Thanks again for you info. Where were you a few weeks ago. lol

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    RE: Roni, RE: Citibank or Asso

    i forget you were superior. just joking .
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    RE: Citibank endorsement

    why are you so interested in how or why everyone gets credit limits,upgrades or increases. why?


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