citibank AAdvantage downgrade?

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by ero2, Aug 30, 2003.

  1. ero2

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    When I recieve my AAdvantage world card can I downgrade it to a AAdvantage bronze card, the one with no annual fee but 2 dollars per mile? Does anyone know if that is possible?

    I have rearranged my cards again since chase gave me 6.99 on stockback, with 1% back that is 5.99 fixed! So I figured it would be better to revolve balances on this card than 8.24 optima platinum you know?:) So now my card scheme is amex gold everyday, if they can, AAdvantage bronze when amex is not accepted, chase stockback at 5.99 and optima plat at 8.24 to carry balances on, MBNA and BofA to help with ratios and BofA for BTs too. Does this sound like a good card scheme? Also does this seem like too many cards or should I be okay as far as affecting my score?


    Oh yeah, I have made a promise to myself that I will not apply for any more cards until I am 27 which is 6 years from now, so if anyone sees me asking questions about a new card, SMACK ME! Thanks!
  2. mel

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    yes you can downgrade, but i don't believe the fee is doesn't hurt to ask though. iif the fee isn't refundable, i'd keep the card for a year since you paid for it.

    if the chase is your lowest rate then i agree it would make sense to use this card for revolving balances. what is the BT offer from bofa - higher or lower than the chase card?. it'd be helpful to know your current apr's, credit limits, and balances for all these cards...

    you have four cards - chase, citi, bofa, mbna? only fico knows, but i don't think the number of cards is the problem. the age of your accounts may be; it sounds like they are all relatively new.

    just curious, what is the significance of waiting 6 years to apply? does this apply to credit line increases (already a loophole...)
  3. ero2

    ero2 Well-Known Member

    I haven't even activated the card yet, so I don't think they will charge the fee until I activate it, which I won't because I will be downgrading it before I activate it. :)

    As far as balances

    Optima platinum 9400cl no balance 8.24
    BofA 5000cl no balance 12.99 (I have heard they offer good BTs, which is why I got this card)
    chase stockback 10,000cl no balance 6.99(being combined with my standard chase platinum with a CL of 800$)
    best buy card 1000cl 800$ balance
    AAdvatnage world being converted to bronze 4000cl
    Amex preferred rewards gold about 1000 a month

    I also have an MBNA and a Crap one that are permanently sock drawered both 3000cl and crap one is my oldest account, which is the only reason I am keeping it, and MBNA gives out limit increases like mad so I am keeping it to help ratios.

    The reason I don't want to apply for any cards for 6 years is because that is right around the time I will be applying for a mortgage and want to have good aged accounts and no inquiries at all! Plus I am only 21 and already have great cards with great rates and hopefully more availabe credit than I will ever need to use, but the situation will arise every couple months where I need to carry a balance and wanted to have cards for each situation that would or could arise in the next 6 years. So basically I was trying to get everything I needed now and not have to apply for anything until after I get my mortgage. I think it is a good plan but tell me what you think. Thanks!
  4. mel

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    Re: Re: citibank AAdvantage downgrade?

    Didn't realize you hadn't activated it yet. Why don't you call Citi Retention at 800-444-2568 and ask them to downgrade your card?

    Again, at the ripe old age of 23 I don't know if I am the one to give advice..but since I have a couple of years on you :) I'll give it a go...Perhaps some other folks will come along and offer opinions too....

    Your rate on your best buy card can't be lower than your chase rate. Are you taking advantage of some promotional offer (e.g., no interest till 2005)?

    BofA gives good BTs, but in my personal experience they haven't been willing to do anything until 6-9 months of having the card....Your purchase rate on this card is a little high though at 12.99%. I'd work on getting them to lower the purchase rate.

    Although generous with credit lines, MBNA retaliates when you actually use them. Tread carefully....

    Ahh, now I understand...abstaining from credit until your home purchase...a noble cause. I don't think you need zero inquiries between now and then....Other things may arise - auto purchases, education financing, etc. - that may prompt you to seek and utilize credit offers. On the other hand, why apply for additional credit when you don't need it. You have a great mix already; I'd seek to increase my exisiting lines.

    On the whole, you've got your foot in the door at major card issuers and that's a great thing and no small accomplishment.


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