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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Kernel, Apr 18, 2001.

  1. Kernel

    Kernel Member

    Hi all,

    Haven't had the AAdvantage card but about a month but I received a flyer talking about upgrading to Citi Gold AAdvantage World Mastercard. I use this card primarily for business expenses. I thought the idea of having no pre-set spending limit might come in handy as I travel a lot (kind of like an AMEX charge card). I called the number on the flyer, 1-800-361-1834 and spoke to a CSR about the offer. To my suprise she told me that I would get all the benefits for the same annual fee I currently pay ($50) and the APR would remain the same. She said the only thing that would change would be the card number. Woohoo! Has anyone else received this offer in their statement and upgraded? I have seen previous offers to upgrade and you had to pay the ($85) annual fee for the AAdvantage World card.

    KernelPacket :cool:
  2. Momof3

    Momof3 Well-Known Member

    Re: Citibank AAdvantage upgrad

    I received this flyer last month in statement, I didn't want to upgrade though , I don't really travel and with no preset limits, there goes the limit reporting out the window and my ratios would be incorrect again, so I passed.
  3. Irish Diva

    Irish Diva Guest

    Re: Citibank AAdvantage upgrad

    This is the one I have (Gold world card) and I'm wondering which I could upgrade to from here. I'd rather ask here and get my ducks in a row before calling Citi. Thx.!
  4. Kernel

    Kernel Member

    Re: Citibank AAdvantage upgrad

    Hi Irish Diva,

    I don't know that you can upgrade very much (you already have pretty much the top of line AAdvantage card). You might consider a product transfer to one of their other offerings (i.e. platinum select etc.). I have the AAdvantage card and the Platinum Select. I use the AAdvantage for business expenses and the Platinum Select for personal stuff. Hope this helps some.

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  5. marci

    marci Well-Known Member

    Re: Citibank AAdvantage upgrad

    Irish Diva,

    Ciitbank told me they are doing a promotional upgrade from the gold AA
    card to the AA world card (platinum). I think the annual fee would be
    $85, though.

    I thinks it's best to convert to the regular Platinum Select, unless of course
    one wants the airline rewards. :-/

  6. Kernel

    Kernel Member

    Re: Citibank AAdvantage upgrad

    Hi Momof3,

    CSR told me that the card would still report the revolving credit limit as it currently does. I don't plan on using the "no pre-set spending limit", just more peace of mind when I leave town on business and unexpected things come up.
    You are right though, if an individual does not travel it is probably not worth it. You have AMEX green anyway don't you? I also have the Platinum Select which helps to keep my debt ratio in check.

    KernelPacket :cool:
  7. Geo

    Geo Well-Known Member

    Re: Citibank AAdvantage upgrad

    You can upgrade this card to whatever Citi card you want (Aadvantage
    or regular) just ask.
  8. dave

    dave Well-Known Member

    Re: Citibank AAdvantage upgrad

    Citibank does not report limits on the world card. I tried to get limits reported with Equifax and TU. I sent both CRAs my statements to prove the CL. TU began reporting the limit but Equifax refused because Citibank told them that the card has no limit. Experian doesn't show limits on any of my Citibank cards.

    The world gold card has a $50 annual fee. The annual fee on the platinum world card is $85. The only difference in benefits is the annual mileage cap of 60,000 with the gold vs. 100,000 with the plat. Unless you charge really big bucks, it doesn't make sense to get the plat.
  9. Jason-AMEX

    Jason-AMEX Guest

    Re: Citibank AAdvantage upgrad


    Why not use you card for more than business or travel purchases like all your everyday purchases instead of cash, checks, or debit--thus maximizing your mileage earning. You are wasting your money if you do not!
  10. GEORGE

    GEORGE Well-Known Member

    Re: Citibank AAdvantage upgrad

    Citi Gold AAdvantage World Mastercard

    No pre-set spendig limit, but don't you have to "PAY-IN-FULL" anything over the specified limit???

    Say your specified limit is $10,000 but you spend $18,345.87 with out any over-limit-fee...
    Won't your bill be MINIMUM DUE ~$8,345.87???
  11. Kernel

    Kernel Member

    Re: Citibank AAdvantage upgrad

    Jason AMEX-Rep,

    I do use the card for groceries, gas, dining out, oil changes on car etc. Sorry if I didn't make clear. I use the Platinum Select for emergencies, balance transfers, and when I want to spread out a big purchase over several months. I earned nearly 5,000 miles this month. I already had 65,000 miles in my AAdvantage account. This card works well for me.
  12. Kernel

    Kernel Member

    Re: Citibank AAdvantage upgrad


    You do have to pay in full anything over the revolving line. I have a very generous revolving line though. The "no pre-set limit" just gives me a little added peace of mind when travelling. I do not have company credit card therefore my company expects me to pay and then reimburses me.

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