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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Newcomer, Jun 27, 2001.

  1. Newcomer

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    I opened a world mastercard in April and was upgraded to the Gold level with the no pre select limit in May. Would it be advantageous to ask to be upgraded to platinum with a higher limit. I want the platinum card with the balance transfer option to get rid of all my credit cards but one.

  2. mj

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    If you have a World MC (says World under the MC globes) you've got a prestige card - no preset limit. That's the highest level MC that they offer.

    BUT... it's also got stinky terms - plat. select offers lower interest rates if you revolve.

    Try opening a second card (Plat.) 6 mos. after the world card was opened - you may want to keep that one as a "just in case" card (no limit comes in handy when you travel... i.e. if someone goofs up an expensive airline ticket or hotel, you don't have to worry about your credit limit being taken up for 3 days while the situation resolves itself).

    Good luck!
  3. Reshod

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    The Terms on the World Master Card are not that bad. MY APR is 16.4%. I have only had the card for 3 months and used it only once.

    I wanted BT offers but you have to call and get approval for those.

    Its a great card, no matter what the limit of the level.
  4. dave

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    If you want to do a balance transfer and continue to use cards, you need at least two. Never charge on a card that has a balance transfer at a teaser rate. Citibank, like just about every other bank I've ever heard of, credits payments first to balances with lower APRs and then to balances with hgher APRs. It may take many months to pay off the balance transfer while you accrue compounding interest at the purchase APR for everything you charge in the meantiime from gas to groceries.

    In this instance, you could apply for the Platinum Select Card -- not the World Aadvantage Platinum Select card. For one thing, Citibank does not offer balance transfers at the time of application on its world cards so it isn't even an option. Even if it were, you wouldn't want to do it. Since you have to pay an annual fee, it is much preferable to use Aadvantgage cards for charging and accruing miles. That's why you got the card in the first place and agreed to pay the annual fee.

    Apply for the Platinum Select card with no annual fee and get a 2.9 rate for nine months. Leave your world card intact for purchases. If the credit line on the plat. select is insufficient to cover the transfer, you could ask that Citibank consider raising the credit line on your representation that you are closing other accounts. Otherwise, you can combine the plat. and world cards to increase the limit. Just make sure that the world card has a -0- balance when you combine or you violate the rule of segregating balance transfer balances from purchases/cash advances. If you are forced to combine, you may then want to apply for another card for everyday purchases.

    An "upgrade" from the gold level world card to platinum world--I couldn't tell if this is what you were thinking of doing-- will not raise the credit limit. The only added benefit of the plat. is the 100,000 annual mileage cap vs. the 60,000 mile cap for the gold. For this, you have to pay $35 more in annual fees. Only high spenders might find this worthwhile, i.e., those charging $8000 or more per month.
  5. Geo

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    You can request a balance transfer offer by e-mail to customer service from account online.
    I was granted 6.9 for six months no transfers feein one card and in a Gold Aadvantage
    2.9 for 9 months and 2% transfer fee..

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